Lucas Entertainment just released the first scene from its new movie Spanish Seductions starring Jonathan Agassi and newcomer Pavlvs Guell in a hot flip flop fuck scene.

You can learn more about this Israeli gay porn star from this news report from Tel Aviv about Michael Lucas‘ Israeli films [MEN of ISRAEL, Inside Israel and Israeli Auditions] which features Jonathan Agassi and his mother on National Israeli Television!

I don’t understand Hebrew but Mr. Lucas wrote that “Jonathan Agassi’s mother stood proudly by her son, in full support of his career.” I also posted some personal videos Jonathan Agassi uploaded to his Facebook.

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Men of Israel Matan Shalev Fucks Jonathan Agassi

LUCASENTERTAINMENT.COM released 5 scenes from its latest movie MEN OF ISRAEL for members to watch online. You can watch all rising Israel gay porn star Jonathan Agassi, Matan Shalev, Avi Dar in action (Too bad Avi starred in only one scene). And Michael Lucas has just signed Matan Shalev and Jonathan Agassi for Exclusive contracts. That means we can watch more videos from them in years to come!

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Jonathan Agassi Fucks Muscle Hunk Avi Dar in MEN of ISRAEL

LUCASENTERTAINMENT.COM released 2 hot sex scenes from new movie MEN of ISRAEL on its website so far. Now you can watch the hotness of its entire Israeli cast in this MEN of ISRAEL Hardcore Trailer below. I have to say it again, fuckable Israeli hunk Avi Dar is HAWT!

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hairy gay porn star Jonathan Agassi fucks muscle man Avi Dar in MEN of ISRAEL Lucas Entertainment

The wait (for me) is over, Lucas Entertainment just released the first sex scene from MEN of ISRAEL, one of my most anticipated porn of 2009.

In the first scene of MEN of ISRAEL, my porn crush, muscle hunk AVI DAR gets fucked by hirsute Jonathan Agassi on the winder ledge of an ancient edifice in Jerusalem. The preview picture above is one HAWT erotic imagery!

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After a long day of shooting Lucas Entertainment‘s upcoming movie MEN of ISRAEL, Israeli gay porn star Matan Shalev and mr. Pam go hand to hand combat Israeli style… karate vs. San Francisco boxing.

Thank you so much Mr. Pam for yanking Matan’s underwear down for all of us and reveals his bubble butt! And don’t miss Jonathan Agassi’s hairy chest at the end of this HOT Youtube video.

Oh, and if you read this blog, Mr. Pam. Next time, try this move with Avi Dar please ;-)

+ Hot New Israeli Gay Porn Star AVI DAR in MEN of ISRAEL

+ Sneak Peak – Michael Lucas’ MEN of ISRAEL

muscular Israeli Gay Porn Star AVI DAR

Will Israel replace Eastern Europe as a new “recruiting ground” for new gay porn talents? I can’t help noticing this recent trend in gay porn when 2 major porn studios, Raging Stallion and Lucas Entertainment featured new gay porn performers from Israel in their new movies.

Michael Lucas impressed me with his hot new discovery AVI DAR!!! (pictured left) This guy is smoking HOT and oozed with masculinity. He looks like he can modeling for sport or fitness magazine or fashion spread not gay porn (but I’m glad he chose the last one). Avi Dar will make his porn debut in MEN of ISRAEL.

Oh, and from videos below, I think this 24 years old muscular Israeli hunk is a bottom and he gets fucked by Jonathan Agassi in one scene!

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Michael Lucas MEN of ISRAEL gay porn models

To tell you guys the truth, I didn’t feel excited when I heard about Michael Lucas‘ upcoming movie titled MEN of ISRAEL.

But now I change my mind. I really want to watch and blog about this new movie because I’m impressed with the quality of the models he’s using. At least none of my readers can complain about the re-use of over-exposure porn stars here. These fresh-faced, hard bodied Israeli porn models are HOT and I can’t wait to see them in ACTION.

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