Flex Xtremmo Diego Lauzen Wagner Vittoria

Great news! TIMTALES.COM is about to release a new 3-way scene where bodybuilder FLEX gets double penetrated by Diego Lauzen and Wagner Vittoria!!!

In this edition of PORN SNEAK PEEK, check out pictures from Lucas Entertainment, Hot House, Menatplay, CockyBoys, and Andrew Christain’s photo shoot full of gay porn stars.

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Derek Atlas Johnny V Gay Porn bts

Photographer Kent Taylor just sent me this exclusive behind the scenes picture of porn stars Derek Atlas and Johnny V goofing around on set of the new Falcon Studios movie directed by Nick Foxx and Trenton Ducati.

In this edition of PORN SNEAK PEEK, check out pictures from Corbin Fisher, Menatplay, Raw Fuck Club, Kink Men, Peter Fever, and Randy Blue.

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Sean Zevran Sucks Derek Atlas Falcon VIP Party

I posted my exclusive pictures of gay porn stars at Falcon VIP Party 2014 here. Now it’s time for the fun part. Thanks to Falcon Studios / Raging Stallion for giving Queer Me Now and Nights In WeHo a full access backstage. So we can bring you guys what these porn stars do behind closed door.

Each models had a schedule to dance on stage for 15 minutes each, 2-3 times during the night. Other than that, they had time to mingle with crowd or relaxed & goofing around backstage.

Here’s exclusive pictures of what sexy things porn stars Sean Zevran, Derek Atlas, Johnny V, Joey D, David Benjamin, Shawn Wolfe, Boomer Banks, Ryan Rose, Trenton Ducati, Brian Bonds, Jimmy Durano, and Brent Corrigan did backstage. Hint: There’s a lot of butt-grabbing, licking, kissing, and some cocksucking. ;-)

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Falcon VIP Party 2014 Gay Porn Stars

Whew… So I survive my first Folsom Weekend ever. It’s quite an intense experience. And now I’m trying to share the pictures and videos from the events.

Saturday 20th 7:30pm, I went to Falcon VIP Party at Mezzanine. The place is jam-packed with so many gay porn stars. Falcon brought Ryan Rose, Johnny V, Derek Atlas, Boomer Banks, David Benjamin, Brian Bonds, Brent Corrigan, Andrew Stark, Shawn Wolfe, Jimmy Durano, Adam Ramzi, Trenton Ducati and Sean Zevran to meet and greet with fans. I also met Johnny’s boyfriend Joey D, Austin Wolf, Bennett Anthony, Christian Owen, Nick Capra, Christopher Daniels, Charlie Harding, Scotty Rage, Ryan Raz, Adam Russo, Cutler X, Blake Stone, and Aiden Connors. I’ve never seen so many porn stars like this in one place before. It’s quite a surreal experience for me after all these years I covered this event by posting pictures other people shared on Twitter. It’s cool that I finally got a chance to be here.

I also met Phillip T from NightsInWeho.com for the first time. He helped taking lots of pictures from the party for me (He’s a much better photographer than me). Check out the exclusive pictures from Falcon VIP Party 2014 below.

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Johnny V Zack Randall Gay Porn Stars

Check out these sexy behind the scenes pictures of porn stars Johnny V, Ryan Rose, Luke Adams, Connor Maguire, Jeremy Walker, and more on set of NAUGHTY PINES 1 and NAUGHTY PINES 2 from Falcon Studios.

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Johnny V Gogo Dance Bodybuilder Gay Porn Star

OK… Last night, after the Tim And Roma Show Live was kind of a blur for me. I was trying to be a responsible blogger but we went to so many bars I lost count. Ryan Rose was funny, Joey D was a gentleman, and at one point Johnny V gave me a preview of what fans will see at the Falcon VIP Party tonight. (Pictured above) It’s nice to have some fun with these guys I wrote about once in a while.

Check out some more pictures and video clips I took from last night Tim And Roma Show Live of porn stars Ryan Rose, Trenton Ducati, Johnny V, Joey D, Blue Bailey, Max Cameron, and David Benjamin.

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Hey guys! Right now I’m in San Francisco. (Just got out of a long flight) and I’m at NAKEDSWORD.COM new office. They are about to shoot the Tim and Roman Show Live here in an hour. (7pm PST)

Today I’m trying to do something new. I will live blog from this event and give you guys behind the scenes pictures of porn stars here.

I’ll post behind the scenes pictures here along with Twitter, Vine and Instagram. Everyone here will also live tweet the event #TimAndRomaLive

This is the first time I do this. I hope it works. Keep reload this page for updates.

Don’t forget to watch Tim And Roma Show Live here. 7pm PST.

Porn stars start to arrive!!!! Johnny V and his boyfriend Joey D are SO FREAKIN’ HOT!

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Johnny V Ryan Rose Naughty Pines 2 Gay Porn

I posted tons of pictures and a trailer of NAUGHTY PINES 1 in the previous post.

Now let’s take a look at NAUGHTY PINES 2 starring Chris Bines, Jeremy Walker, Topher DiMaggio, Sean Zevran, Brian Bonds, Ryan Rose, Johnny V, Colt Rivers, and Owen Michaels

As I reported last June, muscle hunk and former Randy Blue model Jeremy Walker has returned to porn. He stars in 2 scenes of this movie, fucking Chris Bines outdoor and an oral sex scene with Brian Bonds. This movie also features hot sex between gay porn stars Topher DiMaggio and Sean Zevran. And Colt Rivers getting fucked by Owen Michaels.

Of course, the sex scene I’ve been looking forward to see is the outdoor sex scene where bodybuilder Johnny V gets muscled butt fucked by Ryan Rose!

Watch the XXX movie trailer of NAUGHTY PINES 2 below. And in case you miss it, here the preview of Naughty Pines 1.

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Zack Randall Ryan Rose Naughty Pines 1 GayPorn

Finally, after all the behind the scenes pictures I’ve posted. FALCON STUDIOS released the 2-part porn movie NAUGHTY PINES 1 and NAUGHTY PINES 2 today.

NAUGHTY PINES 1 features 9 hot gay porn stars – Ryan Rose, Zack Randall, Connor Maguire, Mike Gaite, Brian Bonds, Chris Bines, Colt Rivers, Luke Adams, and Sean Zevran.

I’m glad to see Zack Randall again and he bottoms for Ryan Rose in the first scene. Check out the pictures below, it’s hot watching Zack sucking his own cock while getting pounded by Ryan. The next scene is Connor Maguire top muscle bottom Mike Gaite. Chris Bines and Brian Bonds flip-fuck, Colt Rivers and Luke Adams suck each other and the movie ends with muscular porn star Sean Zevran fucking Luke Adams.

You can watch the XXX movie trailer of NAUGHTY PINES 1 below and check out preview of Naughty Pines 2 here.

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Falcon Studios Group A-Team Gay Porn Stars

These past few months, I’ve covered many news stories about Falcon Studios Group signing many exclusive contracts with multiple gay porn stars. Now I know the reason why, they were assembling The A-Team. :-) dubbed “Elite Group of World’s Hottest Erotic Models Assembled by Falcon, Raging Stallion & Hot House.”

They are: Derek Atlas, Boomer Banks, Dario Beck, David Benjamin, Brian Bonds, Brent Corrigan, Hunter Marx, Ryan Rose, Andrew Stark, Johnny V, Shawn Wolfe, Jimmy Durano and Sean Zevran.

Read more detail in the press release below. Oh and most of these hot porn stars will be at the 2014 Falcon Studios Group VIP Party held next week on September 20 in San Francesco to meet and greet with fans. You can download the complimentary ticket and learn more about this porn event here.

Next week, I will be on the plane to San Francisco to cover this event myself (After covering it from home after all these years). This is going to be the first time I cover a live event like this and I’m so nervous as hell. If you go to this party as well and see a nerdy skinny Asian guy walking around with nervous look, that might be me. I will try my best, if you have any questions you would like me to ask these models, write your questions in the comment below. :-)

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Johnny V Jimmy Durano Dirty Fuckers Gay Porn

As I mentioned on Monday, today is the day HOT HOUSE releases the second scene of rising porn star Johnny V from the new movie DIRTY FUCKERS. We watched Johnny bottoms for Sean Zevran in his porn debut. This time bodybuilder Johnny V gets fucked by Jimmy Durano.

I also have another good news for fans of Johnny V. Photographer Kent Taylor released 3 sneak peek pictures of Johnny V and his co-star Ryan Rose below. The pics are from the upcoming Falcon Studios’ movie NAUGHTY PINES Part 1 & 2. I’ve already posted some behind the scenes pictures here, here, and here. The movie will be released next week, Monday September 15th!

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Austin Wolf Trenton Ducati Southern Decadence 2014

Following Phillip T reports from 2014 Southern Decadence Day 1 and Day 2 & 3, here are the last batch of pictures from the final day of Southern Decadence featuring porn stars Austin Wolf, Trenton Ducati, Ryan Rose, Jessie Colter, Tyler Wolf, Lucas Knowles and Matthew Rush.

Thank you so much Phillip T for these pictures.

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