Bodybuilder Sonny Markham

I just got back from the movie theater watching Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It’s just a so-so to me but it makes me think about gay porn movies with Indiana Jones / treasure hunt theme. I can think of Raiders of the Lost Arse from Raging Stallion and Dark Side Of The Moon from Studio 2000. The later one got my favorite bodybuilder / porn star Sonny Markham in the leading role. The storyline is hilarious (but that’s what I like about porn) especially the last scene.

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Bodybuilder Sonny Markham Kisses Gianfranco

It’s over a decade that muscular ass of Gianfranco was pounded hard by bodybuilder Sonny Markham [I LOVE that scene!].

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Sonny Markham fucksMy truly first porno was “Curse of the Catwoman” I found in my dad’s video collection. Rocco Siffredi and T.T. Boy who starred in it became my favorite porn stars. I knew I was gay back then but it’s hard for me to find gay porno.

For the first gay porno, which I managed to get via mail order I found in porn magazine, was Workin’ It Out by Studio 2000. And bodybuilder Sonny Markham fucked Joey Morelli on the table in the bar was my first gay sex scene I watched. I was totally blown away!

When I bought it, I was not sure what to expect. OK, there was this musclegod on the cover. BUT, Will I really see him having sex? I didn’t have to wait long cause he had sex in the first scene. And the very best thing of that scene was bottom boy Joey Morelli who came while being fucked without even toughing himself! (Joey’s cock rubbed with table the whole time Sonny pumping his ass)

This video wasn’t just a jack-off material, it taught me a new technique to masturbate! After I watched it I tried rubbing my dick with my bed and blew a nice load. This movie has educational value for me, something they didn’t teach me at school!

Needless to say I’m hooked and want to see more…


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