You saw the sneak preview pictures, and now you can watch the XXX trailer of the Rocco Reed Gang-Bang video! Mark your calendar! The scene will come out on May 17th.

And MEN.COM just updated the schedule for the whole month of May with so many hot new scenes to look forward to.

Porn star Tony Paradise will make the bottoming debut on May 30th, Tony Paradise gets fucked by Colby Jansen. Take note that the scene is called Top To Bottom Part 1 that means there will be more videos with top porn stars getting fucked for the first time on camera from MEN.COM in coming months!

Tops Only Required: The orgy scene with Rocco Reed and Johnny Rapid getting fucked by Jack King, Charlie Harding and Tony Paradise [coming May 3rd]

Rent Boy Club: The “Fight Club” inspired gay porn starring Paddy O’Brian, Paul Walker, Riley Tess, Ken Ten, Tyson Tyler and Justin King. You can see some behind the scenes pictures here. [Part 1 coming May 7th]

Lessons From My Step Dad: A hot threesome with Johnny Rapid, Duncan Black and Charlie Harding [coming May 16th]

Rocco’s Fantasy: Rocco Reed gets gang-banged by Lawson Kane, Castro Supreme, Paulo Thiago and Brett Johnson. More XXX preview pictures here. [coming May 17th]

Passion: D.O. and Donato Reyes take turns fucking each other!




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  1. jeremy
    30 Apr 13
    4:31 am

    @QMN i hope you findout more who will star in Top To Bottom

  2. QMN
    30 Apr 13
    4:56 am

    @jeremy I know who they are, but I can’t reveal the names yet :-(

  3. jeremy
    30 Apr 13
    5:12 am

    oh,ok.great update from im dying to see the scenes.

  4. jeremy
    30 Apr 13
    5:16 am

    on 30 april paul walker will fuck Justin King.
    then later Paddy & paul will fuck Justin King in Rent Boy Club

  5. sam
    30 Apr 13
    6:04 am

    Hopefully Colby and Charlie get fucked…

  6. Mike
    30 Apr 13
    6:52 am

    If a top gets fucked, then they lose all credibility as a top

  7. MarcoManuel
    30 Apr 13
    7:17 am

    Erection Paddy once again.

    Paddy is very hard.Always hard!

  8. bernardo
    30 Apr 13
    7:20 am

    If tops are getting fucked for the first time how about paul walker and paddy o’ brian scene. Where paul gets fucked by paddy then paddy gets fucked by paul hard. That would be an awesome scene.

  9. sam
    30 Apr 13
    7:35 am

    @bernado: Agree!!!!!!!!

  10. Zombieking
    30 Apr 13
    7:37 am

    Is the trailer for the Tony Paradise and Colby Jansen scene locked? Its the only one I cant watch

  11. sam
    30 Apr 13
    7:54 am

    If someone that great as top then become bottom totally I’m disagree with that… But if the lame top like duo Paddy and Paul I’m totally wanted to see… please persuade them to bottom… If they totally wanna in gay industry take some action like Christian, D.O and Mr Reed… They never been fucked but they take a risk to try some action as bottom although I much prefer D.O as top…

  12. Anthony Johnson
    30 Apr 13
    8:09 am

    Sorry Mike, but a guy that is usually a top, who sometimes bottoms gains more credibility as a top, and as a man, a man willing to experience various kinds of sex. Hopefully we are very far from the days when the thinking ran that a man that get’s fucked in the butt or sucks cock, has somehow become a “woman” or way less than a man – in the eyes of his fellow men. That’s almost very close to some of the old stereotypes of gay man, men without any credibility, so say the least.

  13. manu
    30 Apr 13
    8:50 am

    Wow so to see Tony Paradise get fucked! Very Hot guy, not a very good performer so far but if he opens his ass like this he could become amazing :p
    Does anybody else thinks he looks like the dark version of Colby Jansen? Hopefully he’s next in the Top to Bottom series…

  14. rioss78
    30 Apr 13
    8:55 am

    I think Top to Bottom part2 will be Colby Jensen fucked by Tony Paradise..

  15. manu
    30 Apr 13
    8:56 am

    I meant so happy to see Tony Paradise get fucked, I hope he films more bottoming scenes – and QMN whenever you do these posts about next month’s scene from MEN, you don’t include the link to see them :/ Does anyone have it?

  16. Sandro
    30 Apr 13
    11:51 am

    Hot videos!

    Only one thing: I prefer Johnny Rapid as a bottom. As a top he looks like a fake.

    Good to see Duncan Black back in charge!

  17. manu
    30 Apr 13
    12:07 pm

    Sandro did you see him fuck Rocco Reed? Little Johnny is a verbal dominant top haha, I thought it was cute!
    Can’t see any of the video previews though, they won’t play…and I still can’t find the 30 next scenes preview either :(

  18. GRPR
    30 Apr 13
    3:07 pm

    I think I went to heaven. Tony Paradise bottoms, Rocco Reed gets gangbanged and Donato and DO flip. If keeps this up I am going to have a very sore piece of equipment. They need to get Castro ganged next :-)

  19. Matias
    30 Apr 13
    4:11 pm

    DO is such a hunk. What a body.
    The last pic is the only one I really like.

  20. Amichiniguis
    30 Apr 13
    4:12 pm

    I hope next bottom is Charlie Harding =D

  21. dissi
    30 Apr 13
    4:13 pm

    all this top/bottom talk is so stupid. everyone should be versatile. like Donato and Dionisio. <3

  22. sxg
    30 Apr 13
    4:43 pm

    @Amichiniguis Charlie does bottom in his private life so I would not put it past him if he is the next in line!

  23. ropper08
    30 Apr 13
    6:23 pm

    Am I kidding myself if I’m hoping it’s Zeb Atlas?lol But they should have more Colby Jansen videos, that guy’s amazing.

  24. DD
    30 Apr 13
    6:44 pm

    sxg, you are just a font of info on porn. Do you know any website I can find 90’s vintage porn? I’m looking for some old ones I had on with a rare black model called Miles T. who had the fattest booty in all of porn, gay or straight.

  25. jose luis
    30 Apr 13
    7:55 pm

    ** I agree with rioss78. I hope ‘Top to bottom – part 2′ will be Colby Jansen fucked by Tony Paradise too.
    ** De acuerdo con rioss78. Tambien espero que ‘Top to bottom – Part 2′ sea Colby Jansen (al fin!) de pasivo con Tony Paradise.

  26. manu
    30 Apr 13
    10:10 pm

    Finally!! I managed to see the preview for Tony Paradise bottoming debut it looks great !!!
    I hope MEN filmed other bottoming scenes with him because the Colby Jansen interview I read said he was going to prison for real !! :s Not for too long I hope.
    Next in line in ” Top to Bottom”: Colby Jansen, Charlie Harding , Zeb ATlas and I also want James St James to bottom again because that tiny dick he had in didn’t count.

  27. alex
    30 Apr 13
    10:32 pm

    I don’t think Zeb will bottom any time soon, and Colby is versatile, but says that hasn’t offered a good deal for him to bottom. I’m waiting until the Tony Paradise scene debut to subscribe. Hopefully others will support these scenes where hot masculine men bottom. I think Mark’s comment that a top loses credibility when he bottoms is ridiculous. Usually, when a top bottoms, he’s just as aggressive as when he’s topping. And guys with asses like Charlie and Colby are meant to fucked!

  28. danny
    30 Apr 13
    11:48 pm

    I’d love to see Paddy get fucked by someone like T. Ducati–a masculine man. (Anyone but Adam Killian or Spencer Reed.) Let a newer performer be the first.

  29. sxg
    30 Apr 13
    11:55 pm

    By the time Zeb Atlas bottoms, if ever, it’ll be as a desperate attempt to stay relative.

    I agree with Alex bottoming doesn’t take anything away from a dominant top. Case in point Adam Killian. I think he is an amazing top, yet he bottoms just as much and is just as aggressive when he does. He is truly versatile and sexy as hell doing either.

  30. Amichiniguis
    01 May 13
    6:41 am

    @sxg I really Hope so, but wait a minute, maybe is Rogan Richards bottoming again with his new beffy configuration Slurp! Another Bottom Scene with Spencer Reed, I don’t know what to expect, except beffy bottoms.

  31. JuanDiego978
    01 May 13
    8:11 am

    Charlie Harding is so HOOOOOOOT!

  32. manu
    01 May 13
    9:29 am

    Yes beefy bottoms are what it’s all about.
    The new rule in gay porn should be : whoever has the biggest ass, bottoms :-D

  33. sxg
    01 May 13
    5:48 pm

    @DD I only found one thing from him and that’s on the website. Not sure where else to look really.

  34. ricky
    01 May 13
    6:30 pm

    i wasn’t aware the guy had ever even sucked a dick.

  35. sxd
    01 May 13
    8:15 pm

    Jack King better get pounded. Hard. That dude deserves a good anal destruction.

  36. DD
    01 May 13
    10:12 pm

    @sxg Thanks. I’ve scoured the internet and couldn’t find but one other site that was interesting but didn’t have any info. I don’t understand, I own probably 50 vhs tapes and there isn’t 1 website that has old porn for sale? That doesn’t make any sense. But thanks for looking, you really do know your stuff. It’s really impressive actually.
    @manu I agree, the guy with the fattest ass should be the one to bottom!

  37. alex
    01 May 13
    10:25 pm

    Wow! Did anyone besides Manu watch the preview. If not, click on the ” Tony Paradise gets fucked by Colby Jansen” link above (instead of the overall preview link). SCORCHING HOTTT!!! I mean, Tony gets fucked in multiple positions — and he looks so good taking it. This is what I want from gay porn — men fucking men, not men fucking twinks, and not the same old bottoms getting fucked by the same old tops. Can’t beleive we have to wait a month to see the full scene! At first, I wished it was a flip flop, because Colby’s ass was made for fucking. But now I’m glad that this was all about Tony on the bottom. Even if he never makes another porno, Tony Paradise is now a porn god in my book. I hope that when part II is released, it’s with Tony returning the favor to Colby. Damn, if can release even just one Top to Bottom video per month (with guys this hot and masculine), I may have to subscribe regularly (as opposed to when the release a hot scene). Oh, and I hope Charlie Harding is on the short list as well for getting his big ass fucked!

  38. manu
    01 May 13
    10:51 pm

    @ ALex : Seeing Tony Paradise getting fucked upside down makes me hope that we’re gonna see his hole gaped hehe , that would be awesome.
    I agree, this top to bottom series needs to keep going, it’s a great concept, especially if the former tops have huge asses and are handled by agressive guys .
    Apparently Tony cums while getting fucked btw…yes!! :p

  39. griffrag
    02 May 13
    11:28 pm

    I’m a member to this website, can’t wait for this videos to be released.

  40. Amichiniguis
    03 May 13
    2:32 pm

    OMG could it be Robert Van Damme bottoming again? I would like to see Rogan Richards Charie Harding or Robert Van Damme getting his ass fucked, also I’m thinking about Spencer Reed, and POB.

  41. alex
    04 May 13
    4:06 am

    Rogan would be hot. It wouldn’t be his bottoming debut, but he’s been an exclusive top lately. I’m sure his big muscle ass could take a dick to match. Harding might be an even hotter fuck to watch. Love his ass. Reed or Van Damme would be okay. Apparently, Jansen won’t bottom any time soon. Doubt that Jack King will either. Whowever it is, I pray that they don’t use one of the twinks to top him. They are boner killers.

  42. ropper08
    04 May 13
    6:19 pm

    Jimmy Johnson could be a possibility too. Wait, is Top To Bottom about tops bottoming for the first time ever or bottoming the first time on

  43. alex
    06 May 13
    1:34 am

    Difficult to say. Could be both. This was Tony’s first time … ever. I think Liam probably is versatile in real life and he’s another possibility. I just hope can keep this as a regular feature. Hopefully, the first edition will get enough subscribers to persuade them to shell out some cash (I think that’s what Colby Jansen is waiting for — though I really don’t understand what the big deal is if you’re fucking guys left and right — you should be able to take a turn on the bottom once in a while!).