As I reported on Thursday, Falcon has released the first scene from the movie called Tahoe – Snow Packed. The movie was filmed last January at Lake Tahoe and in the first scene you can watch handsome Canadian porn star Trytan Bull fucks Ray Diaz. It’s Trystan’s first scene since he left Next Door Studios.

+ Tahoe – Snow Packed: Trystan Bull Fucks Ray Diaz


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  1. Herman
    22 Apr 13
    1:28 am

    Trystan Bull is one fuckin stud. Whatta man.

  2. Anderson
    22 Apr 13
    2:05 am

    Trystan Bull is the face of Falcon!

  3. Kevin
    22 Apr 13
    3:02 am

    Trystan can take dick up in his ass right?
    Hope he bottom…

  4. andrew
    22 Apr 13
    3:47 am

    I like a lot of the guys idenified as straight or gay4pay who make hot passionate gay sex scenes like: Dawson & Connor of CF and Brandon & Joshua of SC and Many others. Trystan Bull only gets serviced and then fucks his scene partner. No passionate kissing, no dick sucking by him only getting head and topping. Totally don’t like that kind of one sided sex.

  5. Carl
    22 Apr 13
    4:10 am

    fuck that bitch Trystan ,,,!!!

  6. DD
    22 Apr 13
    4:56 am

    I thought Bull had retired already. This isn’t a welcome return or departure, just is. I hope his fans are happy!

  7. MarcoManuel
    22 Apr 13
    7:28 am

    Anderson! Trystan Bull is the face of Falcon!


  8. Douglas
    22 Apr 13
    12:11 pm

    Very hot. Especially Bull’s bull-size dick.

  9. Noximq
    22 Apr 13
    1:52 pm

    I love love love Trystan Bull.

    I’m happy ^ ^

  10. kevin1012
    22 Apr 13
    2:30 pm

    No estoy de acuerdo con Andrew…No todos los gay4pay son buenos en escenas porno. Lamayoria son aburridos y de plastico como CONNOR de CF. No es el caso de DAWSON que entrega todo como lo hacia LUCAS de la misma empresa.
    Distintas miradas para una misma situacion.

  11. Anderson
    22 Apr 13
    3:51 pm

    @MarcoManuel According the Kinsey Scale, how you describe Trystan Bull?

  12. Matias
    22 Apr 13
    4:23 pm

    Trystan is good looking guy.

  13. bernardo
    22 Apr 13
    10:27 pm

    One question I have: why do all the tops look down when they are sticking their dick up another guy’s ass? Do they think that their dick will disappear.

  14. GreGG
    22 Apr 13
    11:22 pm

    I have a crush on Trystan. And I’m glad he doesn’t know. It would force me to give “that look” …..

  15. danny
    23 Apr 13
    12:00 am

    Trystan Bull is so handsome. I love his body and his French accent. I hope that by performing with Falcon, he’ll be experimental. He needs to kiss, touch the other performer’s dick, suck cock or eat ass.. Otherwise he’s going to be just as boring as Cody Cummings!

  16. sxg
    24 Apr 13
    11:26 pm

    @bernando haha I see it mostly in G4P tops. Probably because they gotta look at something. They can’t keep their eyes closed all the time, can’t look at their scene partners because they’re guys and looking at the ceiling gets really boring after awhile.