bodybuilder Kevin Wood Jason Crystal muscle flexing for Mason Wyler

This young bodybuilder Jason Crystal (or whatever names he wants to go by) drew over 30 comments on his post. And whether you like him or not, he’s flexing his muscles everywhere, on so many gay porn sites.

According to my “source” (WOW! I feel like a porn journalist now using that word), we might just got a new “bad boy of gay porn” after Jason Adonis has left the scene.

Below are his latest sex scenes from MASONWYLER.COM, TOMMYDXXX.COM, CRUISERBOYS.COM and COCKYBOYS.COM under various porn names.

gay porn star Mason Wyler fucks bodybuilder Kevin Wood Jason Crystal

gay porn star Mason Wyler fucks bodybuilder Kevin Wood Jason Crystal

gay porn star Mason Wyler fucks bodybuilder Kevin Wood Jason Crystal

+ Mason Wyler Fucks Kevin Wood [PICTURES] [VIDEOS]

+ Mason Wyler Fucks Kevin Wood XXX Trailer


+ Kevin Wood and Tommy D [TOMMYDXXX.COM]

Bastian fucks bodybuilder Kay or Jason Crystal Cruiser Boys

Bastian fucks bodybuilder Kay or Jason Crystal Cruiser Boys

Bastian fucks bodybuilder Kay or Jason Crystal Cruiser Boys

+ Jason Crystal as Kay bottoms for Bastian at CRUISERBOYS.COM

muscle hunk KB or jason crystal jerking off Cocky boys

+ Jason Crystal as muscle hunk KB jerk off at COCKYBOYS.COM [Trailer]

+ More of Jason Crystal

This post has 11 comments.

  1. Nobara Jones
    03 Jul 09
    12:47 pm

    Hope your “source” isn’t totally right….although for a straight guy, Jason has certainly figured out that bottoming pays more….

  2. p m
    03 Jul 09
    4:39 pm

    How can someone with a dick in their ass, say that they’re straight, with a “straight” face?

    See what I did there? LOLXZZ

  3. […] picked out his name but it turns out that this unnamed stud has many names, as Men of Porn and Queer Me Now posted today, that he couldn’t figure out which one to use at the […]

  4. peeter
    04 Jul 09
    7:19 am

    Kay with Mason – that video was a shame! Mason is terrible, very boring, not handsome he couldn’t fuck this wonderful guy… brr… poor Kay!

    He needn’t have made this video!

    I don’t like Tommy D too. He is as boring as Mason, he isn’t cute. Gay for pay… huh!

    These vids are “fake gays with Kay” vids! Not interesting!

    I’m a member of Dominic Ford, I saw there the best vid with Kay. The solo was great, and the fuck-vid was awesome too!

    These other vids (Mason, Tommy D) are terrible.

    I haven’t seen the CockyBoys vid, I hope it will better than the others.

    CruiserBoys vid is good.

    Kay, you will be a great pornstar! :) You’ve got a fan! :)

  5. Paul
    05 Jul 09
    5:43 am

    I just found out right now that this guy (Jason, Kevin, Kay, KB, etc) on… where Mike Hancock fucked his so called straight ass and he seems loving every second of it and really used to getting fucked. The episode’s name is “straight boy gets fucked” and according to Men of Porn, he will soon be on Jake Cruise. I’m sensing Jake Cruise is going to fuck his so called straight ass soon.

  6. peeter
    05 Jul 09
    5:51 pm

    Hmm… The vid @ Mike Hancock is bareback sex?

    Kay with Jake Cruise? Poor guy! :S

  7. Axel
    07 Jul 09
    12:15 am

    This guy is not a bodybuilder and he’s not great in any of the videos I’ve seen. Yeah, he’s not a queen and he loves to take dick but so do lots of masculine gay guys. Oh I’m sorry, I forgot he’s straight. He sure does get fucked a lot for a straight guy.

  8. Southwestern Guy
    11 Jul 09
    8:22 pm

    Luv ur blog, man, it’s so hot! But u guys need 2 read Kinsey! A guy that’s fucking round w/guys is bisexual at the min. And bottoming, definitely. He’s a 2 or 3 on the scale 4 sure (0-6 scale w/ 0=totally straight, 6=totally gay) I kno I’ve been w/bi guys who luv 2 get fucked, & they dont pretend 2 b straight!

  9. trasiano
    17 Jul 09
    3:11 am

    Jason Crystal, es la última sensación del momento.
    Es todo lo que uno desearía tener en casa ya que lo tiene todo:
    Cara, Cuerpo, Trasero, Músculos todo.
    Con una mirada Enigmática que cualquiera cae a sus pies.
    Soy su más fiel admirador y fan de él.
    Jason, eres Ú N I C O!! Sigue adelante.

  10. Carlos
    12 Aug 10
    6:35 am

    Jason has a nice muscular body with a little cock. I see why he’s a bottom and he’s not straight. What straight man takes it up his ass with a cock?

  11. jae
    14 Oct 13
    12:35 am

    Gay is much more than just sex. sooner you queens realize that you will live a better life. If a person wants to label themselves as st8 who are you to question that.