Today I want to highlight 3 hot new beefy bodybuilders who started doing gay porn recently. And all of them are my favorite kind of porn star because all of these bodybuilders are bottoms!!! – Richard from Sean Cody, Lion from Bang Bang Boys and The Rock from Men Over 30.

This muscular personal trainer Richard started slow. He only let Oscar sucked his cock in previous video. Now in his first anal sex video, it turns out that Richard is a bottom! This muscle stud gets fucked by Nolan (That Sean Cody model with weird gun tattoos on his chest).

+ More of Richard


Guilermo Bangs Lion

Lion is a kinda weird porn name. This muscled Brazilian stud starred in White Hot and Favela Fuckers from Dark Alley Media. He bottomed in both movies.

But I think Lion looks the best with perfect muscular body when he gets fucked by Guilermo in a video from BANG BANG BOYS.


The Rock is the latest “muscle daddy” type gay porn star. He bottoms for Phenix Saint at Men Over 30 website. If you like Trace Michaels, you must check out The Rock.


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  1. mel
    25 Mar 11
    8:06 am

    Very nice, Richard vey hot muscle guy and takes a good dick. Lion is one of the most overlooked guys in porn. This latin stud repeatidly takes big dick up the ass like a champ. the last entry the guy is big thats true, but he just looks a little old. What is sadder is that Pheonix Saint i guess decided to stop working out and now is skinny.

  2. QMN
    25 Mar 11
    8:16 am

    Yeah Mel… It looks like Phenix Saint is shrinking back to when he started doing porn.

  3. James
    25 Mar 11
    8:57 am

    Phenix Saint looks weird now. I likes his more athletic look. The bodybuilder bottom is HOT.

  4. Nobara Jones
    25 Mar 11
    9:13 am

    Maybe Phenix stopped his supplements and or enhancements…it happens!

    As for Lion…HOT HOT HOT! I think he got fucked royally on “It’s Gonna Hurt”…

  5. manu
    25 Mar 11
    11:03 am

    Very nice!! love big bottoms :)

  6. Res
    25 Mar 11
    12:18 pm

    Mel, What is sad about being naturally skinny? It’s better and healthier than being on steroids.

  7. Luca
    25 Mar 11
    12:36 pm

    Bodybuilder bottoms rule. The last guy does not remotely look old. How absurd. He is the hottest of them all. Muscle culture is an integral part of gay life, always has been and always will be. Michelangelo didn’t sculpt skinny, ugly guys.

  8. Simon
    25 Mar 11
    2:44 pm

    The Rock is hot damn hot Id fuck him any day…from meover30 website: he’s 42, 220lb, 5’8″.

  9. brian
    25 Mar 11
    4:16 pm

    My favourite is Richard! He’s completely perfect! I envy of his body! I’m happy that he bottoms.

  10. J
    25 Mar 11
    4:40 pm

    LOVE Richard! The vid was pretty hot; I love when a top rubs his hands down the bottom’s chest!

  11. jak
    25 Mar 11
    6:46 pm

    I’m with you – love those beefy and muscular bottoms!

  12. Mdelarosa79
    26 Mar 11
    2:09 am

    Wow. I get so horned up looking at this post. The first set of guys look like they’re enjoying each other. Thanks

    30 Oct 11
    3:07 pm