Aaron Savvy (aka Sean Cody model Ajay) still looks AMAZING! He’s so muscular and ripped! Aaron is back on Twitter where his fans can reach him. He told me he has “big news” coming soon. I’m so curious what the news is gonna be :-)

For now, you can follow him for fitness advice (and sexy pics) on Twitter @Aaron_Savvy, in Frontiers magazine and on his radio show, Aaron and Scott.

[UPDATE] This article was originally published on October 23th. Today, Aaron Savvy made an announcement that he has returned to gay porn and he is shooting a bareback scene with Sean Cody! You can read his comeback interview with Queer Click.

Getting ready to shoot on location” – Aaron tweeted.


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  1. litper
    23 Oct 13
    7:45 am

    Wow, he’s even hotter than in SC days!

  2. vince
    23 Oct 13
    10:44 am

    there IS but one ajay and that is the little hot and willing latino twink, so much better looking and sexy than this ‘ajay’

  3. MuscleDaddy72
    23 Oct 13
    11:13 am

    Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn. Ajay was my only SC fav and he still looks amazing. His body is stunning.

  4. litper
    23 Oct 13
    11:36 am

    vince, if you like sissy girls watch straight porn. This MAN is for real MEN!

  5. DJ
    23 Oct 13
    12:15 pm

    Wait wasn’t he the one who went to jail? He and his girlfriend? And didn’t he have the fake british accent thing? Was this him or someone else?

  6. Orestes
    23 Oct 13
    12:33 pm

    I agree .Is looking even better.

  7. litper
    23 Oct 13
    5:52 pm

    @DJ, no, AJ is gay, you talk about “Addison”

  8. Cheezy
    23 Oct 13
    5:59 pm

    Ajay: Great bottom!

  9. Boyeur
    23 Oct 13
    7:50 pm

    @DJ – NO. Ajay/Aaron was NOT that guy. It was this guy:


    As to the veracity of his accent, I don’t know – there are articles in the UK Daily paper about him.

  10. MarcoManuel
    23 Oct 13
    8:57 pm

    Another gay for pay man who does gay porn only for his steroids needs.

  11. danny
    23 Oct 13
    10:58 pm

    @DJ: You’re thinking of Addison. He is British and seemed like a really cool guy. It’s too bad he got mixed up with the young lady. I blame her for his situation,

  12. Douglas Koney
    23 Oct 13
    11:15 pm


    He is actually from the midwest – the British thing was fake and it was his idea and he left her to rot before he got caught using the dead guy’s credit card.

  13. bucko0710
    24 Oct 13
    12:58 am

    I thought Addison was from South Africa? It’s such a shame that he’s now in the slammer but I guess his getting it good all the time! Was a hottie and loved getting fucked…

  14. oh no he didn't
    24 Oct 13
    6:25 am

    My god! Someone feed this guy a sandwich, stat!

    Emaciated is not my cup of tea. But a slice of pizza, and he’d be good to go.

  15. alex
    28 Oct 13
    10:38 am

    @marcomanuel: what the hell are you talkin about? Do you even follow him on twitter or instagram because if you did you would know that he is gay. Not everyone is gay for pay!

  16. andrew
    18 Nov 13
    5:02 am

    Aaron/Ajay is a really hot guy. I like the scenes he did for SC. One of the hottest was where he bottomed for “Elephant Trunk” Harley.

  17. gorillaglam
    18 Nov 13
    5:02 am

    oy. i knew this guy back in LA and the ego is astronomical, like none i have ever seen. i dont understand the new pic and its surroundings, and he looks so ripped up it seems unnatural even for being so dehydrated and pills etc. just way too much of a good thing.

  18. Jordi Lim
    18 Nov 13
    5:03 am

    All of them are straight as a ruler except Jayden, Brice and the one who told this all Devon Hunter, in my opinion Joshua is also gay coz he has crush to Brandon. Marshall I think he’s bi because having crush with Brice…Even now Im against gay4pay actors in gay porn but no one can deny that Sean Cody makes a beautiful gay sex, how can this company convince those straight guys to have a passionate kissing and to make love as a real couple, maybe money but it so hard to believe until now it amazed me. One gay porn company that employs gay men is Randy Blue which can compete with SC the likes of Austin Wolf, Jayden , Nico etc.

  19. sxg
    18 Nov 13
    5:14 am

    Is Ajay really gay? If so, what does SC want with him? I thought they only hire “G4P” models, especially after Connor Kline left from there.

    He’s a hot looking guy, and I more than welcome his return!

  20. StudBuddha
    18 Nov 13
    6:04 am

    so i’m pretty sure he did a “it gets better” video on youtube. and he said that he was gay. im 99% sure of that

  21. Jordi Lim
    18 Nov 13
    8:22 am

    That’s your thought wasn’t ours. Lol

  22. Jordi Lim
    18 Nov 13
    8:23 am

    8:22 am what? it’s 4:22 pm here.

  23. Simon
    18 Nov 13
    9:05 am

    Is Jordi Lim real, a troll or simply confused?

  24. Jordi Lim de Clark
    18 Nov 13
    11:15 am

    Another bully..I thought american guys are friendly they were snob. Disappointing.

  25. Paul
    18 Nov 13
    11:34 am

    litper, you sir are an idiot.

  26. Alias74
    18 Nov 13
    1:24 pm

    FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!

  27. SuckItBaby
    18 Nov 13
    4:46 pm

    They all come back, sooner or later. Can’t stay away from dick hehe…

  28. Nobweld
    18 Nov 13
    6:04 pm

    @ Jordi Lim…….that comment wasn’t bullying, just a little banter at what was was a funny post by you.

  29. ceemm
    18 Nov 13
    6:45 pm

    So many homophobes still around… Yeah, he’s gay and he never hid it unlike most of those “g4p”s and that would be so hot to see him return!

  30. charlie_jack
    18 Nov 13
    7:58 pm

    Please god let Harley come back too

  31. Who me?
    18 Nov 13
    8:41 pm

    He definitely has a ripped body, too much for my taste. My question is why is he returning? Not that I mind, I think he’s a good performer and being gay is a +!

  32. Simon
    18 Nov 13
    9:45 pm

    @ Jordi Lim: Trust me, it will get better.

  33. doug
    19 Nov 13
    12:00 am

    I used to work out at Golds in Hollywood for three years, stopped a year ago. Aaron used to do private training sessions there all the time (not affiliated with Golds, but they let him do it). It was obvious he is gay, used to come in with what appeared to be his bf pretty frequently (at that time).

  34. danny
    19 Nov 13
    2:03 am

    Are MarcoManuel and Jordi Lim boyfriends? No??? Why not? They are made for each other!

  35. Phil
    19 Nov 13
    2:07 am

    Very, very hot. So well built and good looking. Thanks.

  36. Jordi Lim de Clark
    19 Nov 13
    2:08 am

    @danny Stop it ok. It’s not funny anymore.

  37. sxg
    19 Nov 13
    3:43 am

    I disagree. Danny’s comment was HILARIOUS!!!

  38. R
    19 Nov 13
    5:28 am

    First Aaron is gay, he even said so during one of his radio broadcast that you can catch on youtube. Plus he’s in a long term relationship and there picture of his boyfriend. Anyway I’m happy he’s back. I loved him back then and he had one of the hottest scenes ever with Boyd. To bad Calvin is gone because it would e mind blowing if they were paired together

  39. Jordi Lim de Clark
    19 Nov 13
    2:03 pm

    @sxg it’s you again. Sorry I will not leave QMN so please stop ok?

  40. Nobweld
    19 Nov 13
    2:06 pm

    Your right Danny………….We need a kick starter project to help fund some flights, accomodation and the wedding. Imagine the speeches!

  41. Jordi Lim de Clark
    19 Nov 13
    2:15 pm

    -Dont know what to say now these guys really wanted to hurt someone.
    -Hindi ko na alam ang sasabihin ang mga taong ito gusto lang manakit ng kapwa.

  42. ceemm
    19 Nov 13
    4:50 pm

    Jordi Lim love you long time

  43. Jordi Lim de Clark
    19 Nov 13
    8:50 pm

    -Americans don’t know what love is. Don’t believe it.
    -Ang mga Amerikano ay hindi alam magmahal. Di ako naniniwala.

  44. Jordi Lim de Clark
    19 Nov 13
    8:52 pm

    It’s 4:52 am Wednesday here I have to sleep more. Bye for now.

  45. Dean
    19 Nov 13
    11:05 pm

    Uhhh so horny ugghh he so horny. he love you long time.

  46. sxg
    20 Nov 13
    1:07 am

    lmao @ceemm and Dean

    I found Jordi Lim

  47. Jordi Lim de Clark
    20 Nov 13
    4:34 am

    -These guys are really crazy more so sxg.
    -Mga loco-loco talaga sila lalo na si sxg.

  48. Nat
    20 Nov 13
    6:59 am

    Love this guy…you can tell he was totally into his scenes because most of the time, he was jacked off by another dude… and it wasn’t one of those clever cut scenes where the camera switches to him JUST cumming with the other dude jacking him off—he gets worked! He’s like Joe Parker–my fav.

  49. Absurdist
    19 Dec 13
    8:32 am

    6 years out of porn. Doesn’t that mean he’s aged out of Sean Cody?