JET SET MEN releases a new scene from its upcoming movie Bad Ass Bottom on JET SET JOCKS. The “Bad Ass Bottom” here is AJ Irons who gets pounded by Cliff Jensen.


+ More of AJ Irons | Cliff Jensen

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  1. Jake
    04 Mar 11
    1:11 am

    Ill watch anything with Cliff Jensen. He’s so Hot!!!

  2. brian
    04 Mar 11
    2:41 am

    The very first picture is a real turn-on to me!
    Cliff is wearing his socks… :-D

  3. Sammy
    04 Mar 11
    2:56 am

    AJ Irons is super sexy especially when his body hair is not shaved
    pure sexiness

  4. olhmes7676
    04 Mar 11
    4:54 am

    I got the chance to fool around with aj and he is a really great guy and really hot. His body is awesome.but even better is his genuine personality

  5. ugh
    04 Mar 11
    6:40 pm

    Cliff Jenson is gross. Horrible face, stupid tattoos and underdeveloped body. Yuck.

  6. ALan
    04 Mar 11
    11:23 pm

    I love Cliff Jensen. I’m so sick of muscle boys dominating porn. He’s awesome.

  7. Halfback
    04 Mar 11
    11:34 pm

    I like AJ because he seems to enjoy having sex

  8. Gregg
    05 Mar 11
    2:30 am

    …soo if U keep ur socks on … the sex is beTTa ???? Huh ….

  9. Joe A
    05 Mar 11
    4:28 am

    That first shot is pretty hot . . .

  10. critic
    05 Mar 11
    1:36 pm

    tired of tats. AJ is hot.

  11. the first picture look like in a massage parlour, nice

  12. Jack
    26 Jan 12
    3:45 pm

    A J, as usual, was a totally hot bottom. He looked like he was born to be impalled on Cliff Jensen’s big cock. A J reminds me of Dario Dolce of Bel Ami. He is also a little guy with big muscles and a macho attitude who looks like he loves to get fucked. A J and Dario are role models for us macho type bottom guys. Oh Yea!