Bel Ami just released part 1 of the documentary about the upcoming gay porn movie Scandal In The Vatican to members of BELAMIONLINE.COM. It reveals the cast of the movie – Trevor Yates playing a priest along with Kinky Angels Kevin Warhol, Jack Harrer, Andre Boleyn, Adam Archuleta, Jaco Van Sant, newcomer Sean Davis and Luke Hamill as a director.

And I found more info about this controversial porn movie on Gay Star News:

The Pope has been tricked into blessing two porn actors and a video of the moment is set to be included in a new Bel Ami gay movie.

The new film, Scandal in Vatican, is going to be released in September. It is the story of a couple of young priests, dressed as Catholic clerical students, who enjoy their sex experiences in the little country in the heart of Italy’s capital, Rome.

And viewers will see Pope Benedict XVI blessing the main actors in a Vatican meeting. The Pope didn’t know about their jobs and, according to producer Duroy, the scene will be the film’s most interesting part.

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+ 3 Colossal Cocks: Roger Lambert, Jack Harrer and Paul Mekas Threesome

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  1. Darkhog
    07 Sep 12
    10:10 am

    I would tell these guys were up to no good. And I will be watching their every sinful move. ; )

  2. crakpot
    07 Sep 12
    10:30 am

    They really crossed the line. First incest, and now what

  3. gayhunk
    07 Sep 12
    10:39 am

    Kudos to DARKHOG


  4. Adrian
    07 Sep 12
    11:41 am

    This sounds like a lot of fun ahead je,je….

  5. SuckItBaby
    07 Sep 12
    1:47 pm

    Awesome, keep pushing the envelope!

  6. Almatolmen
    07 Sep 12
    5:14 pm

    This is utterly reprehensible. It’s not fun, it’s not pushing the envelope, it’s abusing the trust and reputation of a sincere man for a project he would find totally objectionable. I don’t care what you may think about the Catholic Church or this particulat Pope, there is no possible justification. This a person and an institution that many regard as sacred. It is profoundly disrespectful just not of Benedict but of every Catholic. BTW, I’m not Catholic, so my outrage isn’t personal.

  7. Thiago
    07 Sep 12
    5:31 pm

    @Almatolmen, in straight porn, priests and nuns participate in orgies and nobody cares …

  8. Sam
    07 Sep 12
    6:28 pm

    @almatolmen what has occurred in the Catholic church between priests and children is far more reprehensible than this silly porn parody. Porn has been pushing the limits of religion for years. This is nothing new and certainly a lot less shocking and less disrespectful than the actual real life occurances that took place in the church under the guise of spiritualility. The Catholic Church made a laughing stock of itself, the porn industry had nothing to do with perveted old trolls preying on young boys.

  9. Peter
    07 Sep 12
    8:30 pm

    I hear all of you but, and I am not a catholic, I believe they shouldn’t have used the Pope like this.

  10. Tyler
    07 Sep 12
    9:31 pm

    I’m not a big fan of the Catholic Church but I do believe that taking it to the point of tricking the Pope to unwillingly partake in a porn movie is disrespectful. One can always bring up all the abuse the Church perpetuated, there’s no arguing with that, but this is personal, it’s like tricking some innocent senior citizen into appearing in a porn movie without his knowledge or consent, I find it distasteful. I also have rather ambivalent feelings towards the models who prove themselves to be what? Spineless, immature, silly – certainly not notorious or nihilist, I doubt they fully comprehend what they’re getting themselves into, and might be up for a rather unpleasant surprise if this causes a scandal as big as Bel Ami is hoping. Btw, my religious beliefs are generally agnostic, so I’m not expressing this from the perspective of “born again” Catholic or Jesus freak.

  11. BLACKjack
    07 Sep 12
    11:02 pm

    I 2 am not Catholic but for these freaks so much disrespect for something that so many people hold so dear is a disgrace . so many people in and outside of the gay community believe the Church is a SACRED place and that SACRITY should never be tampered with . I hope there is some type of legal action that the Catholic Church can take so that this DISGUSTING piece of crap never see the light of day

  12. Jason
    07 Sep 12
    11:07 pm

    Well THIS is fantastic !! FUCK THE POPE
    AND THE CATHOLIC CHURCH! Religion is the mother of all Wars. And porn is the perfect genre to take it on. Respect the Pope?!? Who condoned
    Child rape, OUR freedom as gay people, WOMEN AS 2nd class citizens, etc.
    The Pope is nothing more than a DRAG QUEEN with a bad agenda in a long outdated DRAG SHOW. Melt 1/2 the gold in the Vatican and there would be no more starvation in the world and open the place up for the homeless. That would be real Catholic charity. YOU can still believe in God and true religion but not organized religion and Bible thumpers.

  13. BLACKjack
    08 Sep 12
    12:10 am

    Although I am not a Catholic I am quite offended Bel Ami ( the producers ) would use the Church in such a deplorable manner . The Church is something that many people ( myself included ) hold so dear the Church is a SACRED institution who’s SACREDITY should never be crossed ! I hope that there is some type legal action that the Church is able to take against Bel Ami so that the SACREDITY of the Church is never VIOLATED in such a manner ever again !!!

  14. Michael
    08 Sep 12
    12:42 am

    Ha Ha They tricked the pope into blessing gay porn stars! Hilarious and a real coup for for Bel Ami. Religious institutions are a joke, and the Catholic church especially so which it turns a blind eye to the rape of children by priests while it targets others in its attempt to enforce an antiquated concept of morality (ie use of condoms). Can’t understand the outrage or defence of the poor pope.

  15. Joe
    08 Sep 12
    12:54 am

    I think that the theme is fine but the presence of the Pope in the film is a lack or respect.

  16. Luca
    08 Sep 12
    4:51 am

    @Almatolment Well, the pope and the church find you an abomination. how do you feel about it?

  17. EdWoody
    08 Sep 12
    9:49 am

    I think anything that shows disrespect to the Pope in general and this Pope in particular is hilarious and to be encouraged as much as possible.

    Also, I don’t think “sacredity” is a word. It’s “sacrality.” You can’t be that concerned with it if you don’t even know what it’s called.

  18. Jason
    08 Sep 12
    10:45 am

    And finally, I bet the POPE and a few Cardinals are
    The ONLY ones who can actually DEEPTHROAT Trevor Yates’ MASSIVE cock! The tears would be FLOWING! Hope BelAmi got THAT on video.

  19. Almatolmen
    08 Sep 12
    12:51 pm

    Luca–Do two wrongs make a right? And judging people for their religion is as ignorant as judging them for their sexuality, especially when based on stereotypes and preconceptions. Remember how the belief that all gays were pedophiles was used against us? And now we use that same slander against those we don’t like? The nerve! To brand a whole institution as evil by association is an argument by those who have no reasonable case. And how many of you have read anything but
    superficial articles about what the Church says
    about homosexuality? It certainly DOESN’T teach
    that that I or any other gay person is an
    abomination. It does teach that the practice of our
    sexuality is “profoundly disordered”. Of course, I
    disagree but I don’t have to go all Hulk about it. I
    can address their allegation reasonably and with
    respect. Iaim for a meeting (and hopefully, a
    change) of minds. This won’t arise from deliberate
    insults. Jason, how is it that the claims of the irredeemability :) of religion conveniently ignores all the positive things done in the name of religion
    by the religious. I’m not Catholic, but I am a person of faith and resent being called stupid and destructive because of it. Despite my disagreement with them, I don’t think of atheists that way. I WILL criticize their intolerance. I think that sacredness is the best word choice.

  20. Almatolmen
    08 Sep 12
    3:15 pm

    Thiago–I don’t think that’s a good idea either. But it’s almost a tradition. Have you ever read “The Decameron”? Is this a tradition we want to duplicate? I’m almost reminded of conservatives speaking of “traditional values” and forgetting that that included things like slavery and abuse within families.
    When did porn become a meaner version of “Punked”?

  21. Sam
    08 Sep 12
    6:51 pm

    Why are all you gay men defending a man and an organization that oppose homosexuality. I think the point of this film is to say fuck the church/pope if they are going to fuck over the gays. These comments are either hypocritical or are coming from old straight people

  22. Almatolmen
    09 Sep 12
    1:19 am

    Really, Sam? I still say that such an attitude is counter-productive, more likely to freeze the Church into hostility than anything else. And you actually think its kosher to defend a position with an ad hominem attack? Anyone who disagrees with you can’t be gay or even young? Must be hypocrites? R-E-A-L-L-Y? Sounds like the tactics used by anti-gay types. How do you like the ad hominem?

  23. Sam
    09 Sep 12
    3:30 am

    @almotolmen, yep, r-e-a-l-l-y!

  24. Almatolmen
    09 Sep 12
    7:08 am

    Sheesh! Really to which question or all of the above? Nothing says maturity like a little tit-for-tat.

  25. manu
    09 Sep 12
    10:59 am

    I think this is funny even though I don’t like the Bel ami boys . Religion needs to be laughed at and ridiculed , it’s the only way to go . They need to do this for other religions too, the catholic church is an easy one .
    ( Sorry almatolmen if you stop loving me after this :)

  26. Jamie Blackburn
    09 Sep 12
    9:43 pm

    Been a fan of BelAmi for years but I’m afraid this puts me off too.

  27. Almatolmen
    09 Sep 12
    9:56 pm

    It’s alright, manu. No one’s perfect. :(
    I just don’t get the hating. It’s a waste of time. I don’t like the way I feel when I’m angry. It’s draining and leaves me feeling soiled in my spirit. I rarely feel really pissed and I usually don’t remain so for long. I’m a lover, not a hater, and rather mellow.

  28. waht!
    09 Sep 12
    11:32 pm

    I guess this means they will be going to hell.

  29. Andrés
    22 Sep 12
    4:51 am

    Anything that offends and outrages the pope and his legions of homophobic pedophiles has my complete support. My outrage is reserved for the the tens of thousands of victims of the catholic church’s sexual abuse.

  30. mauricio
    22 Sep 12
    4:02 pm

    Why the pope?
    He’s UGLY !

  31. IslandBoi
    23 Sep 12
    6:34 pm

    there has to be a hell first to go to.

  32. Kiyoshi-san
    28 Dec 12
    10:40 pm

    Almatolmen, I applaud your viewpoint. It’s rare to find anyone who wants to be reasonable on either side of this debate. Regardless of whether the movie idea itself is sexy (and really, it’s rather pedophilic itself, so how can anyone condemn the catholic church for protecting pedophiles and then celebrate a movie that encourages the idea), using trickery to gain participation from the church, and worse, abusing the right of blessing, is reprehensible. Would any of those of you who are so eager to condemn the church like it if they tricked you by hitting on you and seducing you in order to proseletyse the evils of homosexuality from the comfort of your living room? This is pretty much the same, only sex is not held sacred the way the church is.