Hmmmm….. we have many hot three-way scenes this weekend :-P I’ve posted about Raging Stallion / Men At Play scenes on Friday, then the Angelo Marconi DP yesterday. Today, BELAMIONLINE.COM just released the second part of this threesome with Kris Evans, Harris Hilton and Phillipe Gaudin.

Kris Evans scenes always end with explosive cumshot. I think he has one of the best cumshots in gay porn. This scene is no exception and it’s hot to see Kris Evans fucks two bottoms Phillipe Gaudin and Harris Hilton.

+ Kris Evans Fucks Phillipe Gaudin and Harris Hilton


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  1. crakpot
    01 Sep 13
    4:49 am

    Where is Derek Raser? I miss him.

  2. MarcoManuel
    01 Sep 13
    5:11 am

    Some says that Kris Evans have a boyfriend and that he is a closet case.Kris Evans calls himself straight.

    Something i noticed about gay porn.Maybe you noticed it also.

    In american gay porn,the volume of cum have reduced a lot through the years.

    It could be because of steroids.Muscle men in gay porn are always the men who shoots the smallest loads.Most gay porn stars have some muscles.

    Does most gay porn stars really takes steroids?

    Im not the only man who noticed it.If you look at the average men in american gay porn,most men either shoot small loads or below average loads of cum.

    Its very rare you see men shooting huge loads in american gay porn.

    Something i noticed also is that straight men seems to shoot bigger loads of cum than gay men.

    I saw clips of straight porn.1 of the clip was 2 women licking the head of a cock.Then,the man shoots an unbelievable huge load of cum.More the women licks the head of his cock,the more cum he shoots.WTF! Men can shoot that much cum?

    The scene was not edited.It was not special effects.I was real sperm.You could clearly see that it was filmed in 1 shot.It was real.

    He shot way more cum than Peter North.Way way more.The 2 women looked as if they just took a shower.His cock was a burst of cum.It just didnt stop.He was shooting cum over and over again.

    Another clip about a man receiving a blowjob from a woman,he shot a huge load of cum for about 16 seconds.Then,she kept sucking his cock and came again seconds later.He shot his cum so straight and very far.Its crazy.

    I dont even know how many feets away he was able to shoot.It was very far.

    Why cant men in gay porn shoot unbelievable huge loads of cum like men in straight porn?

    I never saw men in gay porn shooting huge loads of cum like men in straight porn.

    For some reasons,straight men seems to be more aroused when receiving a blowjob from women.

    Unlike men in gay porn who looks indifferent when receiving a blowjob from men.Men in gay porn just go through the motion.

    Men in straight porn turns wild when their cock get sucked.It shows.

  3. sam
    01 Sep 13
    5:43 am

    I want Kris Evan bottom…. Desperately…

  4. George
    01 Sep 13
    5:57 am

    Yes its considerably overdue!!

  5. marc
    01 Sep 13
    7:21 am

    hell yes!!!

  6. Chris
    01 Sep 13
    8:02 am

    Am sure Kris Evans has bottomed in a new Anerican in Prague film…

    I love Bel Ami the modles are always fit bodies pretty faces and huge cock… Perfect :)

  7. kevin1012
    01 Sep 13
    11:29 am

    Tres chicos realmente calientes, y excelentes en lo que hacen…

  8. Critic
    01 Sep 13
    12:50 pm

    Kris Evans is one of the hottest men in porn. He’s become more and more muscular without becoming puffy like steroid users. Yes, I want to see him bottom more than the once.

  9. crakpot
    01 Sep 13
    1:08 pm

    @MarcoMAnuel I have to agree with you. I’m always thinking the same thing when I’m watching menofMontreal vids.

  10. James
    01 Sep 13
    9:12 pm

    You all can have Mr. Evans as long as I get Phillipe Gaudin. Something about him makes me think nasty thoughts. :-)

  11. andrew
    02 Sep 13
    4:05 am

    Kris Evans is simply put a Magyar god. He is physical perfection. Even though he has bottomed before, I personally like a few guys like Kris to be almost exclusively Tops. I guess that’s my fantasy. I see Kris as this muscular but caring top man that the rest of us just yearn to give it up to!