Following the success of Golden Gate porn series, today NAKEDSWORD.COM released the first scene from their new production division, NakedSword Originals.

This first scene is called I Know What You Like features real boyfriends Blue Bailey and Blake Daniels.

Shot in a sun-filled Victorian overlooking the heart of the Castro, you can hear and see the buzz of the city right below while the two boyfriends go at it. This first scene gives you a peek into the intimate relationship of two hot guys — it’s real, it’s tender, and full of hardcore passion — with lots of cum eating at the end.

Blake Daniels is a tall blond guy who stars in many videos from Falcon Studios, Hot House, and Bound Gods. And you may recognize his boyfriend, Blue Bailey, from his non-sexual cameo in Golden Gate Season 2. He’s the one that got away while his fellow Mormon played by Riley Price got fucked by Tony Buff.

+ I Know What You Like – Blue Bailey and Blake Daniels


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  1. paul
    09 Mar 12
    12:15 pm

    is it just me or do they look brothers or something..kinda a turn-off

  2. Kurt
    09 Mar 12
    2:45 pm

    No mention of Blake Daniels’ bareback credits (ganbanged at Treasure Island Media etc.)?

  3. Nico
    09 Mar 12
    6:18 pm

    @ Paul

    Glad I’m not the only one… Why do so many gay guys like to date people that looks like their twin brother? Narcissistic much?

  4. nathan
    09 Mar 12
    8:41 pm

    i am surprised this is the debut scene for nakedsword a treasure island model. Is this the best models they could get for the money. this scene is the worst debut and i hope it gets better

  5. Tim
    09 Mar 12
    10:20 pm

    Their best work is all the really good bareback stuff – and one of the greatest scenes ever, when Fyerfli flips and flips and flips again with Blue Bailey in Built to Breed. Must not be missed.

  6. Jonathan
    09 Mar 12
    11:16 pm

    Blue looks hot. Its great to see some high quality looking porn coming out from a new company. Congrats Naked sword

  7. Woody
    09 Mar 12
    11:23 pm

    Well, Naked Sword, as a purveyor of ‘responsible’ condom porn wouldn’t want to highlight the inconvenient realities in the past choices of their models in the press releases they send out to bloggers etc…

  8. Seaguy
    10 Mar 12
    9:59 am

    Does it really matter what other studios they have worked for and whether it was bb or condom? They are both hot and the scene is hot. Got me off so I got my money’s worth. It’s porn, not some documentary your supposed to have deep discussion about!