Yay! Another sex scene from bodybuilder Derek Raser! We saw this hunky stud bottomed for Kevein Warhol as year. And I published one picture of Derek in Bel Ami Sneak Preview 2013. And today you can watch Derek Raser bottoms again :-) This handsome and muscular Derek Raser gets fucked by Jean-Daniel Chagall!

+ Derek Raser Bottoms For Jean-Daniel Chagall


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  1. Peter
    05 May 13
    2:30 am

    The fact they’re tattoo-less makes them even more stunning.

  2. Ben
    05 May 13
    3:21 am

    Wow, he’s really cute!

  3. Janet Hong
    05 May 13
    3:42 am

    I don’t mean to be a bitch but these recent posts are filled with grammatical errors. I’m not a master of the English language but I know you don’t start sentences with “And”.

  4. manu
    05 May 13
    7:29 am

    Sweet ass on that bottom guy!! I hope he moves to another studionext, I don’t watch the Bel Ami stuff (unless they bring 10 other muscle beasts like him :-D)

  5. Adam
    05 May 13
    7:52 am

    Starting a sentence with “and” can be gramtically correct.

  6. EdWoody
    05 May 13
    8:33 am

    Besides which, QMN is not a native English speaker, so “mistakes” may be inevitable. I’m much more forgiving of that than I am of entire posts dedicated to unsafe sex.

  7. sam
    05 May 13
    9:25 am

    Who care about grammar error… The one I care the hottest post that QMN post “FOR YOU!!!”

  8. Harris Taylor
    05 May 13
    10:18 am

    Clean skin! No tattoos. I agree.

  9. Mel
    05 May 13
    12:04 pm

    Love it. BA is known having very attractive guys however often lacking in muscles dept(not to slight Kris Evans). Derek takes it well for a beginner and Jean Daniel handles this big guy well. It’s hard to understand that working with big muscle bodies can be challenging. Good scene I like the ending when Jean sprays his load in Derek’s mouth. Regarding the grammar error… We all make em, and this is porn blog not 10th grade English class.

  10. Critic
    05 May 13
    12:50 pm

    Happily surprised to see him bottoming again. Thought he’d be a one timer on video. Would like to see him top, too.

  11. Trevor
    05 May 13
    1:02 pm

    Its should be understandable that guys posting to this blog are making errors in their grammer. Stuff like that will happen considering a sizable portion of blood is no longer in the brain. . . . :)

  12. nd3
    05 May 13
    3:28 pm

    “I’m not a master of the English language but I know you don’t start sentences with ‘And’.”

    And that’s why you’re not a master of the English language.

  13. Anderson
    05 May 13
    3:59 pm

    English sucks. In my native language, it’s absolutely correct sentences starting with and (for us, and = e).
    Fvck you “elementary school teachers” queens.

  14. JJ
    05 May 13
    4:18 pm

    The fuckee doesn’t look twinkish!

  15. M__M
    05 May 13
    6:04 pm

    OOH, I gotta watch this! Hope Derek does more bottoming in the future!

    Mel, What kind of challenges are you talking about? I’m curious as to know.

  16. Ben
    05 May 13
    8:49 pm

    Fuck, I just watched the trailer at Bel Ami and got a raging hard-on. He’s so fuckin’ hot.

  17. Ben
    05 May 13
    8:55 pm

    Mel, you have no idea what you’re talking about. “Derek takes it well for a beginner,” “It’s hard to understand that working with big muscle bodies can be challenging”. C’mon!

  18. sxg
    05 May 13
    11:07 pm

    @Janet Hong well clearly that first sentence was really a waste of time to type because you really came out sounding like a cunty bitch, or a bitchy cunt. Whichever offends you more, is the one I mean ;)

    And I love tattooed guys, but I like tattoo-less hot guys as well, but I’ve always found so many of BelAmi’s fucking to be so dull and boring. I notice little intimate connections between the models and I don’t know I always found white Europeans to be some of the more dull tops. But they do come with a scene that does intrigue me every now and then.

    @ M__M although huge muscular guys are extremely hot in porn, one of the things I notice easily is whether topping or bottoming, they’re not as flexible or versatile in their positions as slimmer, or even less muscular porn stars. They don’t do as much advance stretching as many other guys who work out. That’s one of the things that I personally find a possible challenge with directing muscular guys.

    Adam Killian is one of my favorite performers because the positions he puts himself in his scenes are amazing. And besides regular workouts, he does a lot of yoga as well. that definitely gives him a great advantage in stretching.

  19. porn consumer Dan
    05 May 13
    11:25 pm

    I also want to express strong pleasure and admiration in NOT seeing tattoos. To me, tattoos are like graffiti on the Mona Lisa (or Michelangelo’s David).

  20. porn consumer Dan
    05 May 13
    11:29 pm

    PS: I agree with EdWoody: Posts on unsafe sex are really, really unfortunate. They, and outfits producing that stuff, are irresponsible. I will not give one dime to outfits that make ANY bareback porn.

  21. dissi
    06 May 13
    1:02 am

    @sxg: I agree with you in regards to Killian. HOWEVER, I never cared for the way he sticks his ass out. it’s unnecessary and, frankly, not very masculine. :P & I agree about BelAmi: very cookie-cutter.

  22. Gordon
    06 May 13
    1:26 am

    WOOF! I would love to fuck this muscular hunk raw and deep.

  23. Joe
    06 May 13
    8:11 am

    Needs to work the legs. Too skinny compared to the nice upper body.. Very cute face too

  24. rioss78
    06 May 13
    8:43 am

    I want to see him only bottoming! Hope he makes more videos in which his big muscle butt gets fucked.

  25. bucko0710
    06 May 13
    11:39 pm

    Thank God Bel Ami has brought him back! it’s such a shame that BA doesn’t use him in more scenes as Derek is so good looking, has a awesome body, is versatile and likes to take facials…HELLO what else are we missing??!! Too often BA has the usual twinks but it would be great to shake things up with muscle bound guys. They’ve had in the past, like Pavel Novotny and Manuel Rios for example but it’s more the exception. It’s too bad Derek didn’t remain in the William Higgins stable of hunks as Alois Holba as he may have gotten more exposure. George Duroy if you’re reading this please consider this hunka hunka of burning love…would be great to see him being gang banged by smaller guys..ending in a bukkake..now that would be awesome!!

  26. andrew
    07 May 13
    2:47 am

    I love it when big beautiful muscular guys like Derek bottoms. Check out his arms: they are AWESOME!

  27. john
    07 May 13
    7:35 pm


  28. HugeMuscles
    07 May 13
    7:53 pm

    Yeahhh love watching the big muscleman with veiny arms and shoulders getting fucked!! amazing

  29. BS
    09 May 13
    1:49 pm

    Derek is indeed a handsome musclehunk.
    It really turns me on when a big musclehead takes it up the ass, from a smaller guy.
    I would really like to see him taking some big dick, like that of Manuel Rios -my way favourite- Mick Lovell, Travor Yates ,Kris Evans or Vadim Farrell

  30. Sammy
    04 Jun 13
    7:33 pm

    Fuck Me Running! Muscle hunk Derek is taking it up again and LOVING IT, still…Whoo, Hoo!!! The new Pavel Novotny is here!!!!!

  31. derekfan
    04 Jun 13
    8:05 pm

    YES!!! Bel Ami’s hottest muscle god power bottom IS BACK!