Check out this HUGE bodybuilder Max! Lucky guy Pascal Muscle-Worships him in the new video from MASKURBATE.

It would be nice to watch this beefy porn stud Max fucking a guy…


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  1. I just blogged about him too! Maybe the sexiest man on earth. *faints*

  2. mel
    11 May 11
    3:15 am

    I usually not a fan of this genre because I am a purest…. its not really porn unless assholes are being stuffed with cocks but this bodybuilder is really hot. Big muscles, handsome face, nice skin color. Hmm, maybe maskerate can convince him to do more.

  3. James
    11 May 11
    4:34 am

    This came out like a week ago. Anyways, this is the hottest gay porn scene I’ve seen in ages. Fucking amazing. I love when they put the small pussy guy next to the bodybuilder.

  4. manu
    11 May 11
    6:10 am

    THe small pussy guy should have fucked the bodybuilder!!

  5. XOXO Gossip Boi
    11 May 11
    6:10 am

    MAX is DAMN AWESOME Loving Him ever since he 1st hit the Maskurbate scene!!!! ;) Jope that he stays for awhile!!!!! :)

  6. dodj
    11 May 11
    6:47 am

    Wish they posted a shot of his butthole!

  7. Igor
    11 May 11
    7:44 am

    Looks DICK-A-LI-CIOUS!!!! Yeah, a pick of his butthole would have been great!

  8. Dimitri
    11 May 11
    12:01 pm

    Another gay-for-pay, I presume?

  9. gaysammy
    11 May 11
    1:13 pm

    lol…..of course it’s sex…and of course it’s porn.

  10. jdioaf
    11 May 11
    4:16 pm
  11. Dan
    11 May 11
    7:27 pm

    It’s always hot to see a bodybuilder with a huge cock. I’d suck him for days.

  12. David
    12 May 11
    1:51 am

    I’ll bet he’d be a really lousy lay, b/c the entire focus would be on him…still, I would have loved to see his ass

  13. MacroT
    12 May 11
    4:53 am

    Max is totally awesome!!!

  14. Razor
    21 Sep 11
    5:57 am

    I love his completely shaved body. It’s the hottest!