This is definitely a good week for fans of Zeb Atlas. We just watched this bodybuilder porn star topped Logan Vaughn at High Performance Men a few days ago and today MEN.COM released this new scene called “The House” where you can watch exclusive model Johnny Rapid getting fucked hunky Zeb Atlas.

Don’t forget to check out preview photos and video of the orgy scene to be released tomorrow, it’s the final episode of porn series Gay Watch Part 4. In this scene, Mike De Marko gets gang-banged by Billy Santoro, Braden Charron, Landon Conrad and Topher DiMaggio.

[UPDATE] I’m so sorry guys, just me email telling me that he made an error and gave me the wrong release date for the first Top to Bottom 4 trailer. It’s actually NEXT Friday (October 4th) not this Friday.

Big apologies. If you do want to update your readers, we can “practically” give it away and say that he was a TOP in either Top to Bottom 1 or 2…which narrows it down to Colby Jansen or Topher DiMaggio.

+ The House: Zeb Atlas Fucks Johnny Rapid

+ Gay Watch Part 4: Billy Santoro, Braden Charron, Landon Conrad, Mike De Marko & Topher DiMaggio



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  1. manu
    28 Sep 13
    12:13 am

    Much better : Johnny Rapid pounds Zeb Atlas!

  2. john parker
    28 Sep 13
    12:15 am

    Where The Top And The Bottom 4

  3. joedoe1000
    28 Sep 13
    1:01 am

    Mike De Marko is sensational…just need a little bit of more muscle. He is so handsome and masculine.

  4. Lind
    28 Sep 13
    1:15 am

    where is top to bottom reveal :(

  5. carey579
    28 Sep 13
    1:18 am

    @Manu Are you even gay?

    Love the Zeb/Johnny scene just for the two of them being paired together.

    The orgy however is repulsive! Mike De Marko needs to go asap!

  6. Racco
    28 Sep 13
    1:49 am

    Mike gets gang-banged again? Why don’t Billy or Braden? I think Mike so ugly.

  7. GMan
    28 Sep 13
    2:29 am

    Just the other day it was announced here that the top for Top to Bottom 4 would be announced today (Friday). Now everyone including this blogs owner is mum to that story. As for Mike De Marko…..well how many times and different ways can we see the same guy get fucked? Oh yeah Johnny fits that problem as well no matter how creative they get with his scenes. Maybe the gay blogs have failed to report that there is a shortage of new willing to bottom? OK done with my rant.

  8. Alan
    28 Sep 13
    2:49 am

    Grrrrrrrr I LOVE mike. He’s FUCKING hot. Especially liking the new ‘do. At least he ain’t a VILE, in human monster like some…

  9. pornobb
    28 Sep 13
    3:28 am

    Zeb. Yawn.

  10. SuckItBaby
    28 Sep 13
    4:34 am

    Love it! Had been waiting for a while to have Zeb destroy Johnny’s hole.

  11. thor
    28 Sep 13
    4:35 am

    @john parker and @GMan I was thinking about that, too. Where the hell is the announcement for Top to Bottom 4?

  12. click
    28 Sep 13
    5:13 am

    the top to bottom will be boring if it’s topher

  13. alex
    28 Sep 13
    6:18 am

    Geez — I don’t normally click on updates with johnny — he’s not my type. But I was wondering what happened to the Top to Bottom reveal. I thought it was going to be Topher for a couple of weeks, but that isn’t Topher in the video — unless he grew out his pubes and dyed them. Topher has dark pubes. Disappointed in the delay — and that the actual video probably won’t come out until the end of October, but hot damn — that is Colby — finally taking it as a champ!!!! Finally, a worthy successor to Top to Bottom part 1!

  14. jeremy
    28 Sep 13
    7:57 am

    Me too,what ever happen to the top to bottom dying to see who bottom

  15. pornobb
    28 Sep 13
    8:19 am

    If it’s Colby, I would be so disappointed.

  16. brentsfan
    28 Sep 13
    8:30 am

    Can´t stop staring at that horrible uncle-Sam-beard of Zeb… it takes away a lot of attractiveness for me… Why was that necessary? The rest of him is hairless anyway… Just why?^^

  17. Lawless
    28 Sep 13
    10:08 am

    Would be nice if zeb had more chest hair, but hes hot either way. Just hope he doesn’t get anymore tattoos and ruin his godlike body, like matthew rush did. Why put stamps over whats already perfect?

  18. George
    28 Sep 13
    10:27 am

    Topher will make a much bottom than he is as a boring top.

  19. manu
    28 Sep 13
    12:37 pm

    maybe the top to bottom update is actually the scene where Zeb Atlas fucks Johnny Rapid, but secretly it’s a flip flop? It’s the only thing that came out on Friday so this is my best guess!

  20. Timmy
    28 Sep 13
    1:31 pm

    I love the high quality production value of the Zeb and Johnny scene.

  21. pornobb
    28 Sep 13
    2:36 pm

    LOL What production value ?

  22. jeremy
    28 Sep 13
    4:13 pm

    oh yes,i cant wait to see Colby Jansen bottom

  23. pornobb
    28 Sep 13
    5:06 pm

    Colby and Topher flip fuck ?

  24. TJ
    28 Sep 13
    6:00 pm

    zeb looks better with a hairy chest, but he’s gorgeous either way.

  25. Ben
    28 Sep 13
    6:09 pm

    That first group pic of the 5 guys in red speedos – who’s the one on the far right?

  26. pornobb
    28 Sep 13
    6:46 pm


  27. jose luis
    28 Sep 13
    7:22 pm

    The top of ‘Top to bottom 4′, has brown/red beard and the bottom is COLBY.

  28. alex
    29 Sep 13
    12:53 am

    Anyone still wondering about the Top to Bottom reveal — see the italics in the post above. The trailer is not debuting (along with the reveal) until Friday, Oct. 4. They did admit that it was either Colby or Topher. If you’re familiar with both guys, it’s pretty obvous that it’s Colby getting fucked. For you Topher fans, I imagine it’s only a matter of time. Now, excuse me while I do a happy dance.

  29. manu
    29 Sep 13
    3:33 am

    Tonight I dreamt that Zeb Atlas was bottoming and I was so excited it woke me up at 5 AM on a sunday…Sad :/

  30. Alcatorx
    29 Sep 13
    4:40 am

    Poor use of two icons. Johnny does great with a good story setup, and I think Zeb needs opportunities to play more than just a massive man. Both deserve better lighting and a decent set. Make Zeb a quiet, down on his luck sweet muscle man, and Johnny a despicably bossy rich-boy power bottom. They meet in a movie theatre bathroom as the show is letting out. Johnny commands and rides the hell out of Zeb, dresses and leaves Zeb on the floor looking at a puddle of cum between his pecs. Zeb pulls on his jeans and t-shirt and walks out of the bathroom. Just outside the door, Johnny passes Zeb a cup and says “Latte, right”. They walk off together.