As I told you, everyone in gay blogosphere is talking about Zeb Atlas‘ music video Love Hangover. Zach of The Sword loves it hates it so much he blogged about it twice :-\

But since I surely can’t sing and definitely can’t dance (pathetic, I know), I will let other bloggers enjoy judging Zeb’s musicality. Now let’s talk about his gay porn video!

ZEBATLAS.COM just released Zeb’s third gay anal sex scene (after Zeb fucked Adam Killian and Brady Jensen). This time Zeb Atlas Fucks Brenn Wyson in a video titled “Room Service“.

Zeb Atlas has also written, directed and produced his first ever hardcore adult feature for his own Zeb Atlas Productions. Zeb Atlas Is The Boyfriend, with Zeb in multiple scenes and featuring guests stars, Adam Killian and Skye Woods, will be released soon.

+ Zeb Atlas Fucks Brenn Wyson [XXX Photo Gallery]

+ Watch Zeb Atlas Fucks Adam Killian in Best Man, Part 2 – The Wedding Party

+ Watch Zeb Atlas Fucks Brady Jensen at COCKSUREMEN.COM


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  1. Clark
    22 Jan 11
    3:17 am

    Why would he ruin that physique with such a hideous tattoo? I can’t wait until the damn ‘body art’ craze is gone!

  2. taylor
    22 Jan 11
    4:56 am

    Zeb grew out his hair – love it, and he looks the best I’ve seen him.

  3. C
    22 Jan 11
    5:17 am

    It’s not a craze and won’t ever be over.

  4. niles
    22 Jan 11
    6:05 am

    I can’t wait until people quit criticizing other people’s self-expression.

  5. Orestes
    22 Jan 11
    10:32 am

    Looks much better with the body hair
    Nature is beauty ;-)

  6. me
    22 Jan 11
    10:55 am

    Ah yes, “other people’s self-expression”, which means “I have to get a tattoo like everybody else”. I swear if someone started a craze of jumping off bridges, every pinhead in the world would do it.

  7. manu
    22 Jan 11
    12:46 pm

    “Self-expression”?Lol puh-leaaaase , tatoos are interesting when they have an actual meaning , the rubbish you see on porn actors is like Christmas tree decorations 99% of the time,it was interesting back when it was an underground phenomena .
    Zeb’s “sleeve” falls into that category I’m afraid.
    The only person I can think of whose tatoos fall into the “body art” category is Logan McCree :)

  8. Dwayne Johnson
    22 Jan 11
    2:24 pm

    Ok when I first heard about this I was like “I love Zeb in porn, but I don’t know about singing” I was surprised how much I actually enjoyed the video. I always loved Diana Ross’ version but this is not only visually beautiful in it’s 1080p glory, but Zeb can actually carry a tune. If it was on itunes, I’d buy it!!

  9. manu
    22 Jan 11
    3:15 pm

    Dwayne , surely you are joking???
    Then again , if by today’s standards Ke$ha can be considered as a “musician” , anybody can …:/

  10. Mike
    22 Jan 11
    3:59 pm

    His tattoo is ugly. Looks like an arm brace.
    And his “Love Hangover” is getting so many laughs (it’s hit the mainstream pop culture sites like DListed) that the record company wants it removed from YouTube.

  11. brian
    22 Jan 11
    4:20 pm

    Yeah, he’s a hot man but agreed to have gay sex too late. And I’m still thinking he RUINED that Diana Ross’ song. I’m pretty sure he was chosen by the producers only for the music be successful among gay audience, not because of his “musical skills”. I don’t know, but sometimes I think he’s a opportunist.

  12. Dimitri
    22 Jan 11
    9:16 pm

    Zeb has gone just too big! I mean his body! :)

  13. RandyN
    22 Jan 11
    9:59 pm

    @manu: do you know Zeb Atlas so well that to know that his tattoo means nothing?

    I loved Zeb’s video because it shows that loves happens whenever. I loved Zeb’s presence because I appreciate people who have the courage to put themselves out there for their art…a courage most people commenting negatively would never have. Hell, like many of us here and other commenting places, I don’t even have the guts to use my real name or full name.
    and h8 me now, but I really enjoyed Zeb’s voice and presence in the video.

  14. Charlie_Jackpot
    22 Jan 11
    10:48 pm

    Zeb is fast becomingmy porn crush – his dumb meathead appearance, hairy muscled body and large cock are all doing it for my my arse is twitching looking at the man

  15. Garlic
    23 Jan 11
    12:52 am

    flawless perfection.

  16. Ben Dover
    23 Jan 11
    6:01 am

    yes,yes ,yes, when WILL the stupid fucking tattoos look,wait till you’re 65 and THEN how hot will those tattoos look?

  17. Psr
    23 Jan 11
    8:22 am

    Zeb is an amazing performer in porn. He should definitely do more. The guy can fuck and doesn’t rely on just being something good to look at. As for the music video, he appears awkward, but in a cute and playful manner.

  18. Luca
    24 Jan 11
    12:36 am

    @RandyN, chill the f— out already. Jesus, seriously. Tattoos have long stopped being about self-expression and now it’s all about conformity. The guy without a tattoo is the one making a statement. And what a bizarrre, inaccurate use of the word: COURAGE. It takes courage now to get a tattoo? Really? How low are we setting the bar? Oh, and my name is Luca Beltrami. I did recently read where the average age of a viewer of online porn sites is between 15-19 which explains a lot when reading the posts on QMN.

  19. Allicide
    24 Jan 11
    4:27 am

    Zeb Atlas should serve as a cautionary tale to all the gay4payers out there…you can only string a gay porn audience along and imply that you unachievable for so long before it changes from straight guy swagger to arrogance. If he hadn’t waited so long before actually engaging in gay sex then he would have had a much larger fan base. I can view him without that prejudice because my first real knowledge of him was his scene with Adam Killian so I didn’t have all the baggage to get over. That said, I’m no fan of Gay4pay but his scenes especially with Adam and Brady were good…he reciprocated by kissing and giving oral and I think most peoples issues with him are based on his past. Which is why I say to straight guys entering the business if you aren’t willing to do what it takes, which means if you can’t even give to your male partner a kiss then why are you working with men? Is the $300 to $500 dollar a scene worth the bad karma?

  20. biyy
    24 Jan 11
    6:34 am

    his voice is autotune. lol

  21. Rocco
    25 Jan 11
    3:30 pm

    Any press is good press! We’ve all fallen into a clever campaign to get attention to his site. The scene on his site might have gotten on the who’s fucking who post, but now he gets an entire post dedicated to him and his website. A little self-deprication goes a long way!

  22. Jeffery
    28 Jan 11
    4:10 pm

    He looked more natural 11 years ago.

  23. Alex
    20 Aug 11
    11:56 pm

    Are you f%^&ing kidding me?! LOL
    That video has got to be some PR joke or something, because seriously? Seriously?