These guys look really hot together. Both Brady Jensen aka Sean Cody Model Jonah (don’t forget to follow him @BradyJensenXXX) and Robert Axel have perfect muscular bodies. Plus they are versatile! It’s nice to watch two big muscle guys take turns fucking each other.

+ Brady Jensen and Robert Axel Flip Flop Fuck

+ More of Brady Jensen (Sean Cody Model Jonah) | Robert Axel


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  1. breakdown
    02 Oct 10
    3:54 am

    Very Nice…yet again, better looking guys on the internet than those hasbeens doing the studios!

  2. TJ
    02 Oct 10
    6:29 am

    Jake Snooze

  3. bobby
    02 Oct 10
    6:40 am

    this is such an awkward scene for real. its obvious that brady plans to fuck the whole industry and people love the internet so much since they probably steal the files to watch it. cocksure needs work is brady the only fucking model

  4. Charlie_Jackpot
    02 Oct 10
    7:43 am

    I’m disappointed that Robert’s cock isn’t bigger

  5. manu
    02 Oct 10
    10:31 am

    I’m glad Robert’s ass is that big :p To each his own lol , I hope he gets fucked A couple of hundred times more :)

    Brasy is not my style at all usually but he’s hot too , both performers are a bit shy though so I hope the scene does not lack intensity :o we’ll see

  6. Casey
    02 Oct 10
    1:38 pm

    I love Robert Axel but Brady Jensen is a complete snoozer. Always has been since his Sean Cody days.

  7. Billy Blue
    02 Oct 10
    4:07 pm

    I love Brady Jensen, he is beautiful and a good bottom.

  8. Ian
    02 Oct 10
    10:28 pm

    Very hot, it would’ve been hotter bare, but this is not bad at all !!!!

  9. bobby
    03 Oct 10
    12:10 am

    well axel is no doubt a good older model and its good to see him still working. brady will always be stuck with the titantic which is “cocksure” they dont even do anything for him it looks like for gods sakes its either the front lawn or old beds for brady that is the tragedy here. brady deserves better when what he is getting

  10. manu
    03 Oct 10
    10:28 am

    I’ve just seen it… nice stills but the scene really lacks enthusiasm (why doesn’t anybody rim RObert’s ass:!:!?? ) could have been an A but ends up with C

  11. leev
    03 Oct 10
    11:12 am

    was my comment erased or am i still too sleepy?anyway I agree with manu….kinda meh.

  12. mark
    03 Oct 10
    4:48 pm

    Axel looks just like a guy I hooked up with a while a go. Very very hot.

  13. Krüzer
    05 Oct 10
    4:50 pm

    When we saw that Cocksure Men had hired Brady away from Sean Cody, I was a bit worried that they were just going to have him with a parade of equally nice “young collegiate All-American” types.

    I’m so glad that instead they’re putting him with tough guys like Devin Draz and rough tops like Tristan Jaxx and now the most handsome black man in gay porn Robert Axl. Next up I want to see Brady get that hot ass fucked hard by Zeb Atlas.

  14. JSun
    06 Oct 10
    1:31 am

    I agree with everyone else. I love me some good interracial sex. But this was BORING!

  15. Eric
    28 Oct 10
    3:32 pm

    I have not seen the vid but looks HOT, Love watching interracial sex with 2 or more way HOT guys, Only disappointment that Robert is not HUNG, They should get a HUNG blk dude like KEVIN KEMP to do some way HOT white dudes, like Brady Jensen and Rod Daily. They would be the hottest vids around.