Looks like Rocco Reed is not the only “straight” porn star who got his hole abused recently, check out this new scene from FRATERNITY X, where hunky Carter Jacobs being forced fucked in a scene called “Pay Back.” Too bad Benny G didn’t get fucked in this scene :-(

+ Pay Back: Carter Jacobs Forced Fucked


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  1. manu
    29 Apr 13
    10:29 am

    Nice ass on that Carter Jacobs man, I also like his hair

  2. C
    29 Apr 13
    10:43 am

    Looks hot.

  3. Alias74
    29 Apr 13
    11:25 am

    Is it me though or are they recycling clips and only really updating every now and then?
    Is this studio in trouble>?!!?

  4. alex
    29 Apr 13
    10:48 pm

    Carter and Benny are getting a bit old to play frat bros, but they are the hottest guys at the site, so I think we can overlook their “maturity.” They are such hot guys, but the productions they are in tend to be amateurish.

  5. sxg
    30 Apr 13
    4:16 am

    It’s such a wasted scene to have Benny G there and not get fucked. That ass is craving dick!

    and lol Alex true but college students come in all ages. I joined a fraternity when I was 25, and one of my fellow brothers was almost 30.

  6. manu
    30 Apr 13
    10:56 am

    Carter is about 23 I think, Benny is 28 – 29 they could be frat bros, but I don’t really care as long as they get their asses spread open :)

  7. Philly born
    06 Dec 14
    7:01 pm

    Benny G was beat up by 16 police officers on broad st in Philadelphia on January 16th. He was in a coma for a while from 4 different tasers zaps and 4 cops broke their hands on his face and somehow that is all Benny G’s fault and charged him for walking down the street with ear buds on for music and he was wrongfully profiled. He is a good man born to a crazy world. He is currently in prison with no help to get him free. He was in military for 10 years in Iraq and Afghanistan were he was shot and ptsd started. All the agency’s that he worked with are not helping him out even though they are still making money off his videos. He needs help since he has been in cfcf prison for over a year for protecting himself. Please help Benny g (Benjamin Green))? Please