Following the news from 2 days ago that Corbin Fisher model Meyer appeared on Jerry Springer Show. One of my readers, Lefty, just sent me a link to this video clip from that episode on Youtube called “Honey, I’m Gay For Pay.” Apparently, another guy on the show is also Corbin Fisher model named Kelso (Kelso topped Josh).

Zsa Zsa, the same reader who alerted me about this news, just sent me another email. He spotted another gay porn star on Jerry Springer today:

There was a male dancer by the name of Magic Matt who came out in a boxing getup and did his routine.
I am sure this dancer is also porn star
Brenden Cage.

Well, looks like there are many gay porn stars on Jerry Springer this week. Anyone spotted Brenden Cage too?


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  1. Darkhog
    14 Feb 13
    1:04 am

    Fifteen more minutes of fame and they had to get it from Jerry Springer? lol These guys are way hotter then their girlfriends, and seems like they’re paying for their time in porn by hooking up with just the ordinary girl across the street for a good time. I wish them well.

  2. Frank
    14 Feb 13
    1:14 am

    Final thoughts:

    I’m pretty sure she’s just an actress just trying to earn money for food because 1) This seemed so scripted(what Springer episode doesn’t though) and 2) There is NO WAY in hell he’s even remotely straight enough to even attempt to have sex with a girl.

  3. Anderson
    14 Feb 13
    1:17 am

    I thought this sort of ‘trash’ TV show only aired in my country

  4. Wonderer
    14 Feb 13
    1:18 am

    I don’t think you can call it gay for pay especially since Meyer seemed to dislike bottoming and Kelso was kind of not feeling it either…

  5. sxg
    14 Feb 13
    1:35 am

    so any chance you can get the last few minutes of the show where the audience asks questions? I’d like to hear some of the jokes they crack lol

  6. sgxo
    14 Feb 13
    1:53 am


  7. Johnny
    14 Feb 13
    1:54 am

    Women as a rule will never be able to handle a man of theirs cheating with another girl, much less a guy. This is why almost all bisexual guys are on the downlow. I’ve been a sex worker for 29 years with mostly bi men. I’ve only met a handful out of thousands who told their gf about being bi. Women can’t handle it … unless they are bi themselves. Bi men have a much harder time coming out than gay men.

  8. Billy Blue
    14 Feb 13
    3:12 am

    Nice script !

  9. Jay
    14 Feb 13
    4:18 am

    Scripted or not, just nasty.

  10. Tony
    14 Feb 13
    5:02 am

    Unbelievable; the O’Jays had a song out in the 70’s entitled, ‘For The Love of Money’. Some people will do anything for money. LOL I feel sad for these women, if they truly didn’t realize their boyfriends were involved in gay or straight porn. Why expose innocent people to veneral diseases.

  11. Eddie
    14 Feb 13
    5:20 am

    It’ll be great news if one of these guys come to say someday that he is gay. All of them seem to be straight. Money talks…

  12. Em'x
    14 Feb 13
    5:47 am

    Scripted all the way…

  13. Tray
    14 Feb 13
    9:16 am

    Heard JS is fake,anyways total BS

  14. Ken Sean Carson
    14 Feb 13
    9:57 am

    Bravo, G=man! Personally, the gay for pay doesn’t bother anymore. I mean, the fact that they are DOING it is all the proof I need that they aren’t totally straight. Besides, there is a consequence to their actions, thus the public backlash. You sell your straightness to gain what in the end? A few dollars, but the repercussions of your actions is an everlasting image(s) embedded on the internet forever. Anyway, the CF guy seems pretty damn gay to me.

  15. Ken Sean Carson
    14 Feb 13
    10:00 am

    One more thing, It bothers me when people claim to get paid pretty damn handsomely in porn, but when they open their mouths, their teeth are jacked up. Something doesn’t add up.

  16. Luca
    14 Feb 13
    2:12 pm

    I have yet to meet one woman who buys the gay-for-pay line. Not one.

  17. Dee
    14 Feb 13
    4:29 pm

    I saw Brendan in the stripper contest on Springer yesterday. I’d say the comp was a little bit lopsided though haha. No offense to Brendan, he’s good looking, but the other guy (fans self)…

  18. TonyStark
    14 Feb 13
    4:30 pm

    I just want to see Kelso bottoming. The picture with his legs in the air gets me horny everytime…

  19. Doug
    14 Feb 13
    7:12 pm

    did they go into Barebacking on Springer- because both of these guys did and apparently went back and screwed their girlfriends……

  20. JuanDiego978
    14 Feb 13
    9:52 pm

    I really liked this post but I don’t get why they went to a TV program to tell the truth to their partners, was it necessary?, why not to do it at home?. How can I watch the whole episode?. When aired please post the video where the one supposed to be Brenden Cage appears. Thanks. Good Job.

  21. danny
    15 Feb 13
    12:41 am

    While there are many g4p performers out there, which you can usually spot by their body language, I don’t think g4p is the correct term. I’ve known and spoken to a few str8 men about if they would do gay porn if they really needed money, and most responded with an emphatic “no.” Some of the performers really get into the sex. Check out ChaosMen where supposedly the guys are str8 but they admit they like to bottom or they don’t mind sucking dick–and there are some excellent cocksuckers on this site. I think that most of these guys are bi and maybe even leaning to the gay side. And I’ve heard this a few times, “I only do gay porn in front of the camera,” because doing in private would only make the guy admit that maybe he has gay tendencies. I’m sorry but d str8 men suck dick and fuck guys? I don’t understand.

  22. Tony
    15 Feb 13
    12:44 am

    In my book, any man that get’s fucked by a man or fucks a man is not straight. They use this gay for pay crap because they don’t want to be classified as gay or bisexual. A real straight or true heterosexual man will not have sex with another man regardless, unless he’s in prison for a long time and gets horny. LOL

  23. JuanDiego978
    16 Feb 13
    11:18 am

    I’m left wanting to know how much they earn per scene

  24. peter
    27 Feb 13
    4:31 am

    josh totally made a convert of this dude! once josh never go twat!

  25. alex9gr
    08 Mar 13
    12:25 am

    gay for pay my ass…
    If you r not into men you cant “perform” …
    I mean forget about fucking a dude…straight men wouldnt even lay their hands on an other guy’s butt if they dont like it.
    I consider myself more gay than bi and i m still very picky when it comes to men …