This is it! You saw porn star Christian Wilde practiced with Austin Wilde dildo and now you can watch Christian making his bottoming debut in the finale of political parody Golden Gate 5: The Cover Up.

In this scene Christian Wilde and Austin Wilde take turns fucking each other. I think many of you have already guessed who’s the first guy to fuck Christian Wilde after watching the movie trailer :-)

And Christian Wilde also wrote about his first time bottoming on his blog “The First Dick I’ve Taken In My Ass Ever!!!

This was big for me (no pun intended). I have been a top my entire career (and life) and while I’ve done a fair share of ass play, I have never been a bottom. MY GOD IT WAS SO SCARY!!! It’s about the only thing I can equate with a girl losing her virginity. I was afraid of the pain mostly, but at the same time getting penetrated is a very intimate thing. Letting someone into your body is a big deal. I personally try my best to treat all the guys I shoot with with love and respect because I understand that.

+ Christian Wilde and Austin Wilde Flip-Fuck in Golden Gate 5: The Cover Up


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  1. Chris Redfield
    25 Apr 13
    12:41 am

    So perfect, so hot! Love it!

  2. BLACKjack
    25 Apr 13
    1:15 am

    I said back on feb 26 that Austin would be the 1ST to crack Christian ass cherry and I was RIGHT LOL !!!

  3. TTY
    25 Apr 13
    3:18 am

    Paddy or Trystan Bull should be next

  4. D.
    25 Apr 13
    3:36 am

    Christian Wilde has something else besides the obvious (his eyes, his hands, his cock, the way he shoots) that makes like him, and makes me incredibly hot.

  5. Lance
    25 Apr 13
    3:48 am

    Christian Wilde isn’t the best looking porn star around but he has always been Sex on Legs! He is fucking HOT!

  6. WildPNW
    25 Apr 13
    4:31 am

    If there isn’t some extensive rimming of both hot guys in this scene that would be criminal…

  7. ed
    25 Apr 13
    5:04 am

    Christian Wilde is so white and not in shape. He used to be so hot but I guess he’s hot with a dick up his butt.

  8. Jason
    25 Apr 13
    6:17 am

    WOW! Never thought Christian would write something like that… That’s exactly the same reason why I’ve been top my whole life. Very good Chris, very good.

  9. Willie
    25 Apr 13
    8:44 am

    Christian Wilde never did anything for me. I noticed his nice cock a while back but that is about it.

  10. TTY
    25 Apr 13
    11:32 am

    Christian is absolutely gorgeous. His eyes, his face, and in perfect shape. LOVE HIM!

  11. Jeff
    25 Apr 13
    12:15 pm

    I 200% agree with TTY : now it’s time for Paddy O’Brian and Tristan Bull to have their holes penetrated

  12. Gio
    25 Apr 13
    1:33 pm

    The scene is simply perfect. It is so obvious these two are into each other: the chemistry is real. Christian is an amazing performer, one in a million…

  13. kevin1012
    25 Apr 13
    4:11 pm

    Christian Wilde never thought I could look as good as bottom. Honestly it is a pleasure to see in action with his ass penetrated.
    An excellent scene where Christian Wilde shows natural way to time to put your ass up.
    The only thing I regret, is the fellow who elected him … Austin Wilde was not the best option for such a macho.
    Christian Wilde deserved to break her ass one top muscular, attractive and sexy … Austin Wilde never be sexy or hot.

  14. danny
    26 Apr 13
    12:57 am

    When Christian first started doing videos, I didn’t really pay attention to him. But he’s grown into such a handsome man, and he’s a great performer. I like his body the way it is. It looks natural like Josh Long, or Bravo Delta. I would gladly take all of them over almost any muscular guy.

  15. Aquaman2011
    26 Apr 13
    4:19 am

    The photo of him & Austin wearing formal shirts looks so sexy!

    I love Austin Wilde, and I’ve always had a man crush on Christian Wilde ;)

  16. Marcus
    27 Apr 13
    7:50 pm

    I love Christian Wilde, I really do. But I don’t think I’m gonna be watching this one. I do not care for Austin Wilde at all.

  17. kurtiss
    17 May 13
    9:50 pm

    Austin is one of the most gorgeous men in porn and Christian is obviously sexy and a nice guy – Excellent pairing -

  18. jckfrmsincty
    14 Jun 13
    6:47 am

    This is the closest Austin Wilde ever got to fucking another black guy.