In “Sex Traveler Part 1,” Colby Keller’s character travels to the future and gets fucked by Billy Santoro. Today, is about the release “Sex Traveler Part 2.” This time Colby travels to the past and fucks JD Phoenix :-)

Don’t miss “Johnny In A Box: The Escape,” the finale to Johnny In A Box porn series. Johnny bottomed for Marcus Ruhl and Part 1, he and Tyler Sweet both got DP’d in Part 2. Now, in “Johnny In A Box: The Escape,” the series ends with the orgy scene with Johnny Rapid, Ricky Larkin, Issac Hardy and Jorge Fusco.

+ Sex Traveler Part 2: Colby Keller Fucks JD Phoenix

+ Johnny In A Box: The Escape – Johnny Rapid, Ricky Larkin, Issac Hardy & Jorge Fusco



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  1. manu
    10 Aug 13
    9:05 am

    Can’t wait to see Ricky Larkin bottoming, I hope they cast a good top and make a properly shot, fun scene :-D

  2. Chris
    10 Aug 13
    9:36 am

    Johnny Rapids ass must have felt really empty with only 1 cock up there :)

  3. pointguy36
    11 Aug 13
    12:45 am

    I agree with manu, Ricky’s buffed up hairy body needs to get fucked!

  4. alex
    12 Aug 13
    3:26 am

    Ricky has an awesome smile. He’s cute and masculine at the same time. I’d like to see him in an aggressive flip flop where two guys go back and forth topping the other. Maybe Tony Paradise — he’s the only other uber masculine guy at who is willing to get fucked on camera. Of course, we’re only assuming Ricky will be — but since he did a toy scene (I don’t think it was his first rodeo), I’m expecting more for him!

  5. pascal
    12 Aug 13
    2:01 pm

    Johhny Rapid reminds me of the sublime Joey Stefano…Perfect bottom

  6. manu
    13 Aug 13
    7:09 pm

    Well I would hope that RIcky’s first bottoming scene is not shot at MEN…because they have tons of hot guys but 99% of the time they have no clue how to shoot them, especially the ones who have a generous ASS like mr Larkin.
    Staghomme or LUcas are better fit to film this kind of stuff.
    Until MEN hires a decent video director who knows how to properly display an a hot bottom.