You know this is gonna be a hot sex scene when COCKYBOYS.COM pairs a manly top Colby Keller and a vacaricous bottom Ricky Roman together :-) Check out this hot video Colby Keller hammers the daylights out of Ricky Roman.

+ Colby Keller Fucks Ricky Roman


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  1. Fred
    18 Dec 13
    7:32 am

    Ricky is a stupendous bottom with a gorgeous slim body and a nice ass but sort of wasted on cockyboys in my view, also why the pain on his face, Bottoms should enjoy a dick up their asses, combination is wrong too but Ricky remains a stunner and i’ll watch the scene coz of him

  2. TJ
    18 Dec 13
    12:19 pm

    Colby Keller’s such a hot hairy stud.

  3. DJ14
    18 Dec 13
    6:53 pm

    Just saw a preview clip, and Ricky’s hair is messed up for a decent portion of the scene…and he doesn’t care. #sold

  4. ricci
    19 Dec 13
    8:32 pm

    Roma,: perfect body, youthful attitude and gay and indeed a ahot ass for bottoming…