The time has come! As I reported last week, today is the day you see muscle jock Cole Money (aka Fratmen Cole) take it up his muscled ass for the very first time! This has been in the making for years as Cole Money has slowly taken steps towards pushing his boundaries. This is it. He goes all the fucking way on GAYHOOPLA.COM. Check out preview of this hot scene Cole Money gets fucked by Cody Wolfe below.

+ FLOP: Cole Money Gets Fucked By Cody Wolfe


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+ Sneak Peek: Hottie Cody Wolfe Bottoms For Fratmen Cole and Fucks Logan Vaughn at Gay Hoopla

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  1. litper
    12 Oct 13
    4:16 am

    Thta’s right. “Straight” guys must be bottoms!

  2. Peter
    12 Oct 13
    4:21 am

    Maybe it’s the first time on film, but I doubt it’s the first time he’s gotten fucked.

  3. manu
    12 Oct 13
    5:19 am

    Looks pretty hot, I always enjoy seeing big guys like him take it up the butt :-D

  4. Ronanohyv
    12 Oct 13
    6:56 am

    An average looking guy with an average body. Not seeing the appeal.

  5. manu
    12 Oct 13
    7:01 am

    I watched the video preview and he is apparently not that big. Still cute though!

  6. tom
    12 Oct 13
    10:15 am

    Damn that first pic is pretty incredible

  7. balfo
    12 Oct 13
    12:30 pm

    yeah, he’s smiling while is getting fucked (and that’s HOT): I doubt this was the first dick up his delicious ass. Anyway I’m happy he decided to share this moment with us :)

  8. Shaman36
    12 Oct 13
    3:39 pm

    All that complaining was a HUGE turn off clearly he is in the wrong type of business and this and the previous video was very stale and robotic with no chemistry and we all know cody wolfe is not a newbie so no thanks. fail

  9. BLACKjack
    12 Oct 13
    4:06 pm

    Based on the HUGE smiles on his face in those pixs he is way to HAPPY for this to be his 1ST time with a BIG DICK up his ass !! Like others have already said perhaps the first time with a dick up his ass on camera but otherwise he is just way to HAPPY for a 1ST timer .

  10. Kurt
    12 Oct 13
    7:14 pm

    Grimaces can be interpreted by some as smiles…

  11. Louis
    12 Oct 13
    9:38 pm

    Humm, I would hardly call this guy average looking with an average body.
    He is vey nice looking.
    What is the standard nowadays?

  12. ForeskinonlyPlease
    16 Oct 13
    1:52 am

    So much hotter if it was bareback. Oh well, next time.

  13. TECOJO
    23 Oct 13
    8:18 am