Aiden’s Triple Load, from Corbin Fisher‘s new website CF Select, must be an instant hit! Gentle giant Aiden cums 3 times while getting fucked by Connor in that video.

Now the main site CORBINFISHER.COM releases the follow-up, AIDEN’S TRIPLE LOAD II. This time Aiden bottoms for Cain and he gives his signature 3-times cumshots in a roll.


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  1. sxg
    07 Oct 11
    1:30 am

    I’d probably come thrice too if I had Cain inside me!

  2. waht!
    07 Oct 11
    4:18 am

    Those face Aiden makes when his getting fucked are priceless. lol

  3. Kyle
    07 Oct 11
    7:06 am


  4. yam
    07 Oct 11
    8:22 am

    hot hot hot hot hot!!!!!

    07 Oct 11
    8:46 am

    CAIN and AIDEN ROCK this video MORE PLEASE!!!!!! I wabba see CAIN in AIDENS’ place please!!! :)

  6. steve
    07 Oct 11
    9:18 am

    cue MarcoManuel going on one of his gay4pay rant like he always does

  7. Michael
    07 Oct 11
    7:46 pm

    Between this video and the last one Aiden did, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone have the ability to cum like this so many times in one fuck session (on film)! This is OUT OF CONTROL – HOT!!! Who wouldn’t want to have a fantasy fuck like Aiden! WOW!

  8. mel
    07 Oct 11
    11:09 pm

    love it

  9. joel
    08 Oct 11
    12:00 am

    3 times….. 3 times !!
    God, i cum one time in a week, even two week sometimes because life too me so much busy…. so envy.

    3 times? no mistake eh?

  10. waht!
    08 Oct 11
    1:16 am

    Seriously Aiden should get an award for that performance…gargling Cains come & swallowing it, come on.

  11. ian
    08 Oct 11
    1:26 am

    he loved getting rimmed when he was roman on sean cody. said his legs shook. he’s a natural bottom and sure does love it.

  12. hollyboy
    08 Oct 11
    8:09 pm

    Who is Marco Manuel? Aiden?

  13. joel
    09 Oct 11
    4:17 am

    i know the secret how to cum twice, double or even more in one fuck session.

  14. Bruce
    09 Oct 11
    7:39 pm

    Wow- I could cum to those two many times! Lol. That is hot cock action! Wow!

  15. Luca
    10 Oct 11
    12:53 pm

    The Corbin Fisher guys are so hot.

  16. theg
    11 Oct 11
    11:48 am

    Just saw that video and boy, it was something else! Tried to keep up and came twice myself watching it :)

  17. Micah Awk
    16 Oct 11
    12:37 am

    The secret to cumming multiple times in one session is chemistry. When a guy orgasms the brain releases the hormone prolactin causing feelings of gratification & sleepiness. This is refractory period. Dopamine counter acts the effects of prolactin and is the chemical responsible for sexual arousal. Restoring the brain’s natural neurotransmitter wash of dopamine is as easy as taking Miraplex, Requip or methamphetamine. All 3 are the porn industry’s magic secret.

  18. muscleslover
    08 Jan 12
    1:28 am

    Corbin Fisher (CF Select) has joined the disgusting dangerous studios that are doing bareback videos. Shows that they and the other producers thinks its just fine to put these models and anyone they have sex with in danger for a few more dollars. Not sure if the know or care, but IT IS ILLEGAL in California and some others states to produce bareback videos. Hopefully they and the other bareback studios will be in jail and out of business soon!

  19. Southwestern Guy
    25 Jan 12
    5:51 am

    Aiden is awesome!!! I’d nutt thrice, 2, if I was fucking this incredible stud (or he was fucking me!) But Cain is hott as well. I’d gulp down his yummy seed anyday! Or better yet, a double oral cumshot for me from both of these studs!!! ;-)

  20. doni
    09 Dec 12
    9:18 am

    Aidem qro te domer muitoooooo…