I had posted some of these Student Profile Videos from CORBIN FISHER before but since they updated some new videos from hot models like Cain, Travis and Josh, I like to posted them again.

These videos are very professional looking. I like all of them and hope to see Dawson‘s and Lucas‘s profile soon.

Corbin Fisher – Cain’s Profile

Corbin Fisher – Austin’s Profile

Corbin Fisher – Josh’s Profile

Corbin Fisher – Travis profile

Corbin Fisher – Dru’s profile

Corbin Fisher – Elijah’s profile

Corbin Fisher – Ty’s profile

Football Practice


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  1. James
    22 Dec 10
    5:51 am

    Corbin Fisher is one of the hottest gay porn companies out there, but I really wish they didn’t start with the bareback thing. They didn’t need to do that at all. I think Corbin Fisher is a lot classier than that. They remind me of an Abercrombie & Fitch of gay porn lol, so yeah, they don’t need to risk do the unprotected sex thing, they are much better than that.

  2. Wow, So I really miss CF now. I will have to go visit! BTW I love Cain’s vid. I have not been to the site in months. I’ve only been with NextDoorStudios, mostly as a member and a blogging member at that. CF had fell off badly, but apparently they have some very loyal fans.

    Personal Note: Cain……..amazing.

  3. brian
    22 Dec 10
    10:45 am

    the videos are a little bit ‘dreamy’, but they are very
    great, very professional, as you said up. seem like teasers of a
    new CW’s TV show or about A&F cast.

  4. Rob
    22 Dec 10
    2:09 pm

    I do think Corbin Fisher managed to pretty much corner the
    market on hot, clean cut guys. I love how Austin says he learned to
    be more open and accepting of new people. His ass certainly has
    learned how to be more open to new people. Great bottom

  5. Randy
    22 Dec 10
    3:13 pm

    Both Cain and Austin talk in a monotone and slurring way. I
    thought I was watching a special ed after school program while
    watching those two. I’m kidding. But they do have monotone like
    speaking voices.

  6. EdWoody
    22 Dec 10
    8:01 pm

    @ James: co-sign 100%.

  7. Oat
    22 Dec 10
    10:29 pm

    nice videos, wish they had marc and dawson

  8. Kali
    22 Dec 10
    11:58 pm

    I am also looking forward to seeing Lucas and Dawsons vids. Lucas has to be one of the coolest and dorkiest guys on the site (said with love and affection).

  9. leonjoel
    23 Dec 10
    12:06 am

    love austin

    hey Rob, my thought was exactly the same

  10. mtxb
    23 Dec 10
    5:28 am

    those were fun! i liked all of them… would love to see connor’s profile

  11. Chester
    23 Dec 10
    12:33 pm

    Austin, Nike Shox is an awful running shoe…

  12. Tom
    24 Dec 10
    2:12 pm

    @Randy, I am in total agreement. Once again I have to say that the interview concept only takes away from the porno. I actually like Austin a lot less after seeing him interviewed, and I was a big fan. He didn’t look as good as in the videos and he actually made me a bit uncomfortable by how lacking in mental ability he seemed, seriously, like perhaps he didn’t have the capibility to adequately judge his own actions. Maybe that’s why he does bareback? I’m sure many of these guys are not well-educated but being mentally slow is another thing and is very exploitive. I certainly hope I’m wrong.

  13. Michael
    25 Dec 10
    5:48 pm

    I enjoy getting a glimpse of the performer’s personality and personal life. Porn has become so boring. The same thing over and over again. One of the hottest things I have seen was a scene with Brent at CF where he was being tender with a guy at the end from behind. It was so unexpected.

    Austin’s face is a warning about the dangers of sun exposure. So young yet so many wrinkles. He’s not aging well.

  14. timucua
    26 Dec 10
    8:22 am

    I hear nothing unusual about Austin and Cain speech. Plus
    Austin’s face looks fine to me.

  15. Brad
    29 Dec 10
    2:50 am

    Austin.. don’t know if you’ll be doing well if people will recognize you as Corbin Fisher’s prized bottom boy. Just saying.

  16. Brad
    29 Dec 10
    2:50 am

    In the real estate business, I mean..