NAKEDSWORD.COM just released the second episode of its porn series Golden Gate 5 The Cover Up. In this episode of the political porn parody, Dale Cooper plays Supervisor ‘Scott Cox’ and JD Phoenix plays a nudist activist.

I was lucky to be there while they were filming this scene in Castro, San Francisco two months ago. You can see watch a funny behind the scenes clip here and some photos I took from the set.

Watch the preview trailer of this hot scene Dale Cooper fucks JD Phoenix.

+ Golden Gate 5 The Cover Up episode 2: Dale Cooper Fucks JD Phoenix


+ Exclusive: QMN On The Set of Golden Gate Season 5: The Cover Up by Naked Sword with Porn Star Dale Cooper and JD Phoenix

+ Dale Cooper Singing “A Whole New World” On The Porn Set

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  1. Flatulent Journey
    12 Apr 13
    10:25 pm

    JD is hot. Dale is cool. Great match.

  2. danny
    13 Apr 13
    1:05 am

    JD is really hot! And that photo showing his asshole? WOW!

  3. pointguy36
    13 Apr 13
    1:18 am

    @ danny I think the photo you are referring to is actually Dale showing his hot hole!

  4. GreGG
    13 Apr 13
    3:52 am

    This is very well produced. Good chemistry …..

  5. Alex
    13 Apr 13
    1:08 pm

    Dale Cooper !!-Exellant!