This scene is definitely among the scene I want to see the most ever since I saw published those behind the scenes photos from Madrid. On that trip, directors Bruno Bond and Steve Cruz film two movies, one for Falcon called Madrid Sexy (which has been released) and one for Raging Stallion called Addicted.

Today Raging Stallion releases the first scene from the movie Addicted on their website and it’s a very hot flip-flop scene between two muscular gay porn stars Alex Marte and Damien Crosse on the rooftop!

+ Alex Marte and Damien Crosse Flip-Fuck in ADDICTED


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  1. grayson
    22 Feb 13
    5:41 pm

    QMN when will the peters twins’ vids come?This one is hot too.

  2. Almatolmen
    22 Feb 13
    5:59 pm

    Muscle flip-flops are so satisfying!

  3. dissi
    22 Feb 13
    7:07 pm

    Holy shizzlesticks…

  4. Rockisimo
    22 Feb 13
    7:22 pm

    These two are amazing Porn Gods!
    Alex Marte is getting thicker, just like Marcus Rhul.
    I wonder what are their workout regimes… They are getting yummier!

  5. sxg
    23 Feb 13
    2:57 am

    What a superhot scene! Porn filmed in Madrid always delivers great scenes and movies!

  6. Aquaman2011
    23 Feb 13
    5:12 am

    HOT x 1 Million! Love Alex Marte and his sexy grunts, and Damien never disappoints me in his scenes. Damien has a handsome face + a huge dick and a perfecr bubble butt. What else can you ask for? Oh yes, a good fuck!

  7. gaysammy
    23 Feb 13
    1:49 pm

    alex marte is BEAUTIFUL! and his cock is SO hot! nice and meaty….just like alex

  8. Muller
    23 Feb 13
    2:27 pm

    Someone said that something is happening at the end of this movie! What’s about?1

  9. Darkhog
    23 Feb 13
    2:29 pm

    Beautiful hot men fucking on the rooftop, in the middle of the hot daylight is fucking hot!

  10. Matias
    23 Feb 13
    2:56 pm

    Can’t wait, two super hot alpha males. Ooh baby.

  11. SuckItBaby
    23 Feb 13
    8:19 pm

    Love the red sneakers.

  12. TECOJO
    24 Feb 13
    10:24 pm


  13. manu
    25 Feb 13
    5:38 pm

    Love them both.
    I hope they rim each other’s asses in it, because they are both great at receiving it , forcing the partner’s tongue in their hole…mmmmmh :p

  14. icha mirza
    28 Feb 13
    7:32 am