I’ve wrote about the Original Score of Nightfall which director Jasun Mark created all the music in this movie himself.

And today you can watch it in action, TITAN MEN just released the second scene from the movie, hot Titan exclusive model Dario Beck gets fucked by Jecht Parker.

+ Jecht Parker Fucks Dario Beck in NIGHTFALL


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  1. Spiro
    07 Dec 12
    3:06 pm

    Dario Beck is so fucking hot! so nice to see a man with a hairy chests! gggrrr

  2. Alex
    07 Dec 12
    4:40 pm

    Hairy men are fucking hotttt

  3. alex
    08 Dec 12
    8:58 am

    great! Well done guys! I love Dario!

  4. fred
    08 Dec 12
    2:14 pm

    black boy should have bottomed too, dario is hot lookign but pretty bland as a performer, why is it tha bottoms never ever enjoy being a bottom in porn??????????????

  5. Ed
    08 Dec 12
    2:36 pm

    Dario is as hot as ever, and so handsome. His hairy chest is also very sexy.

  6. Devin
    10 Dec 12
    12:07 pm

    @ fred, I agree with you Although, I don’t know how “black boy” is acceptable in 2012. The black guy is really HOT though. I want him.

  7. Southwestern Guy
    11 Dec 12
    6:02 am

    Dudes!!! Jecht is the hottest stud of the 2! Cum fuck me next, hunk!