So far, the masculine bodybuilder Derek Atlas has topped Cayden Ross and Nick Sterling at RANDYBLUE.COM. And he did an orgy scene for Halloween called Boys Night Out (Derek Atlas, Paul Wagner and Caleb Strong gangbang Eric Pryor). I was waiting for his bottoming debut.

It turned out that Derek Atlas has already got fucked on camera! Thanks to one of my eagle-eyed readers Karl who discovered this video DVD #70 Matt Pounds Derek by The Muscle Mafia.

Derek discovers The Muscle Mafia and wishes he found us first before committing to other Adult films. Then he discovers Matt and decides that he wants what might be his first time getting fucked to be with Matt and in our safe, private controlled setting. In a hot sweaty, sexually tense scene Matt whose 8 inch curved big dick is perfectly shaped to hit anyone’s G spot makes Dereks eyes roll and toes curl.

Derek wears black mask in this video but you can tell that’s him by his voice and his tattoos.

+ DVD #70 Matt Pounds Derek

+ Derek Atlas Solo [Photo Gallery]

+ Derek Atlas Fucks Cayden Ross [Photo Gallery]

+ Derek Atlas Fucks Nick Sterling [Photo Gallery]

+ Derek Atlas in Boys Night Out Gangbang [Photo Gallery]


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  1. Alias74
    28 Oct 11
    8:53 am


  2. Critic
    28 Oct 11
    12:15 pm

    You really have an eye for finding hot, muscular men!

  3. well, yeah
    28 Oct 11
    3:45 pm

    Is that first time getting fucked in general or first time getting fucked on film?

  4. alex
    28 Oct 11
    4:17 pm

    So only the little skinny guy gets it in Boys Night Out? If so, that’s a big disappointment.

    I’ve seen Derek finger fucked and dildoed, but this would have been a great opportunity for a his “official” bottoming debut. And damn — stocky Caleb — who wouldn’t want to tap that cutey?!

  5. brem5
    28 Oct 11
    5:26 pm

    alex – You’ve seen Derek finger fucked and dildoed. . .on video? If so, which vid?

  6. Matias
    28 Oct 11
    6:16 pm

    @well, yaeh, what do you think? Do they look like it is their very first time ever?
    Cayden is one hot guy, but some of his tatts…

  7. Dimitri
    28 Oct 11
    7:36 pm

    It’s the muscular guys that make good bottoms!

  8. gio
    28 Oct 11
    7:46 pm

    I just rented the MuscleMatt video with Derek: it’s insanely hot…

  9. manu
    28 Oct 11
    8:02 pm

    he does have a nice ass

  10. sxg
    28 Oct 11
    10:37 pm

    @brem5 I’ve seen pictures, but I can’t remember where. would love to know what video too Alex!

  11. Bob
    28 Oct 11
    11:48 pm

    That Muscle Mafia video isn’t bareback is it?

  12. Kyle
    29 Oct 11
    12:53 am

    I hope it is

  13. JR
    29 Oct 11
    3:11 am

    I don’t think that video is bareback, though some of their videos are.

  14. gio
    29 Oct 11
    4:38 am

    not bareback…but red hot.

  15. culturiste
    30 Oct 11
    11:01 pm

    he eats um in MuscleMatt !!

  16. griffrag
    09 Nov 11
    5:57 pm

    still would love to see him bottom on Randy Blue.

  17. griffrag
    09 Nov 11
    5:58 pm

    gio, where did you rent it????

  18. budster
    26 Nov 11
    2:22 am

    Could Matt Pounds Derek really be worth the $24 rental fee? I mean…come on!

  19. Luis Delparana
    13 Mar 12
    12:30 am

    Alguien me puede decir porque la mayoria de los fisiculturistas se dedican a hacer videos porno.