Thanks to my eagle eyed reader DD who spotted MEN.COM exclusive porn star Marcus Ruhl during the wedding scene in Hollywood movie Sex And The City 2 (despite the bad reviews, I like this movie because I love the series so much). You can see him in the background behind the actor Mario Cantone (Anthony).

It’s cool to know that one of my favorite porn stars was part of one of my favorite series! So this year we had Danny in The Ultimate Fighter, Mike De Marko in Taylor Swift’s video, Jimmy Johnson in DTLA, and Dale in SYTYCD.

+ ROCCO REED Update: Watch Him Fucks Latino Porn Star Marcus Ruhl And He Just Did A Scene With Topher DiMaggio

+ MARCUS RUHL The Exclusive Video Interview with Queer Me Now

+ MARCUR RUHL Gets Fucked By Gordon Baley On A Public Bus

+ Zeb Atlas, Paddy O’Brian, Marcus Ruhl, Kyle King, Cal Skye, Jessy Santana, Jessy Ares, Jimmy Fanz, Alex Graham in THE WOODS

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  1. SuckItBaby
    30 Dec 12
    1:51 am

    Wanna see Marcus get gangbanged!

  2. Andrew
    30 Dec 12
    2:10 am

    Interesting how all the pornstars in mainstream appearances are exclusives.

  3. sxg
    30 Dec 12
    2:37 am

    Who else has had mainstream appearances?

  4. C
    30 Dec 12
    5:08 am

    Someone being an extra on a set or video is not starring in them. LOL

  5. JuanDiego978
    30 Dec 12
    5:28 am

    Marcus Ruhl stars in all my fantasies!!!…

  6. Andrew
    30 Dec 12
    6:16 am

    @sxg: jimmy Johnson on DTLA and mike de Marko in the Taylor swift video. That’s from the exclusives

  7. DD
    30 Dec 12
    6:50 am

    My keen observation for hot ass in the background of an iconic gay franchise has generated a post on my favorite porn blog! I’m honored!

  8. ADDON
    30 Dec 12
    8:00 am

    Ash from Randy Blue was on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 18.

  9. Tom
    30 Dec 12
    1:45 pm

    He didn’t star in Sex & The City. Maybe just drop the word “star” altogether. It just makes it all so absurd, and rather sad.

  10. sxg
    30 Dec 12
    6:54 pm

    Andrew I definitely wouldn’t call DTLA mainstream lol it’s on a channel that has nothing but gay-themed shows. Whereas Taylor Swift caters to any and everyone who likes the crap she spews out.

    And Ash Taylor in ANTM, that guy is just beautiful! I wish we saw more of him these days, even if it’s not on Randy Blue

  11. mm
    05 Jan 13
    3:50 am


  12. icha mirza sufyan
    08 Jan 13
    9:08 am

    he is sooooooooooooooo yummy

  13. notyourtoy
    06 Sep 14
    5:11 pm