It’s a wrap :-( Yesterday was the last day of filming in Costa Rica for Lucas Entertainment. Everyone left the porn villa this morning. It’s kinda sad for me to leave all these hot guys but I got so many behind the scenes pictures and videos for you guys.

Lucas Entertainment team works hard and plays hard. On the third day of filming their upcoming movie Original Sinners in Costa Rica, after a day-long work, everyone played this fun party game called “Celebrity.” It’s hilarious! Too bad this sexy Brazilian couple Diego Lauzen and Wagner Vittoria didn’t play because they don’t speak much English. So the team included Diego and Wagner to the game as team mascots – “Team Dago” and “Team Wigger” :-)

Diego and Wagner are too sexy! They have amazing bodies and their smiles bright up the room. You can tell that they really love each other, they are inseparable at the villa and I’m pretty sure everybody here loves them. Some how, the night ended with this sexy dance off between Diego Lauzen and Wagner Vittoria and I’m glad I recorded this sexy video. It’s definitely one of the highlights of my Costa Rica trip!

Don’t forget to check out some exclusive behind the scenes pictures from the movie Original Sinners filmed in Costa Rica.

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  1. Darkhog
    09 Feb 13
    12:39 am

    Hot, Hot, Hot!!! Diego and Wagner torn it up!

  2. Now I would LOVE to dance with them.

  3. Cesar
    09 Feb 13
    12:48 am

    Once I hear some of these performers in real life, I can’t get hard ever again…

  4. Tony
    09 Feb 13
    1:07 am


    I love my Adam Killian and Jessy Ares. It must be nice to be gorgeous and to not have a care in the world. I wonder if these gorgeous men ever worry about losing their hot bodies and good looks? I know Jessy Ares worries about this. LOL

  5. Anderson
    09 Feb 13
    2:11 am

    this reinforces the stereotype: Brazilian people are exotic and they are the center of attention for the gringos.

  6. Tony
    09 Feb 13
    5:27 am

    Are blacks in the USA considered Gringos too or is it just referring to whites?

  7. Matias
    09 Feb 13
    3:19 pm

    I wouldn’t watch their videos for dancing, but I liked they were relaxed and smiled and enjoyed more than when filming the scene. Bring some of the joy to your films.

  8. Last night was so much fun! add me on Facebook! I love this video so much! Soo funny and hot :P

  9. Almatolmen
    09 Feb 13
    9:51 pm

    Some guys relaxing and having fun and somehow there’s a political issue? Sometimes, according to the old joke, a banana is just a banana.

  10. Alias74
    09 Feb 13
    10:32 pm

    I object to the derogatory labeling of “Wigger”….

  11. ed
    10 Feb 13
    12:09 am

    LOL @ Cesar that is so true, I actually don’t care about them off the set i think it ruins any illusion of them being manly and masculine. I honestly think that they should have voice overs for some performers.

  12. Tony
    10 Feb 13
    4:05 am

    I agree Cesar and Ed, many the gay porn stars have muscular tight bodies, but they are feminine or act girly. That’s such a turn off. I prefer masculine men, not men acting like women or girls.

  13. gayhunk
    10 Feb 13
    9:05 am

    Which song is that…???
    It just slipped off my mind…

  14. mitch
    10 Feb 13
    1:03 pm

    luv my muscle queens a lot, and i liken it hen they sort of act ‘girly’ some amongst us really have some prejudices worse than straights

  15. manu
    10 Feb 13
    2:19 pm

    The guy’s voice we are hearing in the video is Adam Killian I think? Everyone knows he talks like that , he is a good fucker-still ;)

  16. sxg
    10 Feb 13
    5:25 pm

    Some of you bitches need to get over yourselves. In real life you couldn’t nab a guy who is as masculine, or as lacking in masculinity, and with a body like that in real life. I do prefer a really masculine guy, but I can also tell that just because a gay guy likes to let loose and have fun once in awhile does not mean he’s some sort of raging queen.

    And if these behind the scenes videos and stories “ruin” your porn experience, then why the hell come on these blogs? These blogs just don’t discuss new releases and models, they talk about every aspect of gay porn, and that includes behind the scenes of the industry and the lives of these models. Just get off blogs and move on to the main sites of your favorite studios.

    I also wanted to add that the biggest muscle queen in porn in my opinion is Matthew Rush. I don’t like watching his behind the scenes much because it did kill an image I had of him a bit. But I can still bust a nut watching a scene with him if it’s that good. If are watching porn but can’t get off to it because you are distracted by what you see and hear on sites like these, then clearly you’re doing it wrong (watching porn that is, maybe even jerking off).

  17. Tony
    10 Feb 13
    8:06 pm

    sxg, do you see feminine attractive lesbian acting like men? I was born a man who happen to be gay. I don’t act like a woman or refer to men as girl or Miss Thang. I’ve encountered many gay masucline men who don’t act like this. It’s such a turn off to see buffed attractive gay men acting like women. From what I’ve seen of Rocco Reed, he’s masculine and he doesn’t seem to act girly. Maybe this is why many gay men prefer to be on the downlow with their being gay.

  18. Tony
    10 Feb 13
    8:08 pm

    For the record, I love myself some Adam Killian. However, Adam acts feminine. I seen a Gay Awards show on Cinemax or HBO and many of the gay porn actors were getting on stage acting like sissies. This gives society of negative imagine of gay men. Many heterosexuals think of gay men acting like women or wearing women clothing.

  19. sxg
    11 Feb 13
    3:23 am

    lol oh Tony that is a bunch of crap. First of all gay porn actors aren’t the ones who give society a negative view of gay men because unlike you the rest of the world does not draw their opinions of gay men and the gay community by watching gay porn and following the daily lives of gay porn stars. If you have anything to blame for that then it’s gay men in general and their portrayals in mainstream media. Kurt from Glee, Jack from Will & Grace, RuPaul, etc. have done more damage to the image of gay men than gay porn stars ever have. Also the gay community’s obsession with pop stars like Madonna, Lady Gaga and are overwhelming spectacles at gay pride parades don’t do us any good either.

  20. sxg
    11 Feb 13
    3:33 am

    Also wanted to add that even though I prefer to have my gay men be masculine, whether it’s to date, to fuck around, or even to have as friends, I know enough about gay men to realize that everyone has a bit of a feminine side that goes with the sexuality. But that doesn’t make them total queens. And that doesn’t mean that I shun them from my life either. Some of my best gay friends are pretty feminine, but they are way better friends than some of the so-called masculine guys I have run into. And what’s funny is those who keep throwing themselves out as extremely masculine and putting everyone down for being feminine are really some of the biggest girls around. It takes more than calling each other “girl” or “miss thang” to make a guy feminine. And masculinity is completely subjective. While you believe you are the butchest thing around, the rest of the world probably thinks you’re the biggest queen to step inside the gayest bar in weho.

  21. Tony
    11 Feb 13
    6:47 am

    sxg, you seem to think, you are an authority on everything. As I stated before, you don’t see feminine lesbians running around acting like men or saying man this or man that. I don’t know a lot of gay men, however, the guy man I do have mannerisms like heterosexual men. I can assure you, I am not a Queen, wear women clothing, nor do I refer to other gay or straight men as girls or Miss Thang. I enjoy watching baseball, boxing, basketball the same as my heterosexual male friends and colleagues. The only difference is, I’m attacted to men sexually and they aren’t. I think you were somewhat harsh referring to others as being bitches for having an opinion. Cesar and Ed have a right to share their opinions.

  22. Devin
    11 Feb 13
    7:21 am

    I just want to know whose house they’re at. Michael Lucas? He should do like an MTV Cribs. I want a tour lol

  23. manu
    11 Feb 13
    1:42 pm

    Women don’t cal each other “Miss Thang” lol.
    You guys need to check your history because during the SToneWall riots, the most prominent figures, and those to whom people in the US owe much of their civil rights recognition were drag queens and transsexuals. So don’t say that they have harmed the image of gay men , because if it weren’t for their fight, you could still end up in jail for having gay sex.
    Oh and Rupaul is amazing and produces the best show on TV 8-)

  24. gayhunk
    11 Feb 13
    4:42 pm

    Homosexuality is not all about being feminine…….
    I m gay…but doesn’t acts as girls……
    Its how I feel good n I feel satisfied…..

  25. Eddie
    13 Feb 13
    5:28 am

    These two are a real turn off to me because they seem to be two third world illiterated money-hungers just flown from their ‘favela’.

  26. ricci
    13 Feb 13
    9:08 am

    long live muscle queens i just love them and they turn me on and that last remark was pretty “patroniziing’, they’re just gorgeous and dedicated performers PERIOD