To me, Philip Denim is one of the most beautiful guys ever get fucked in porn. He starred in many William Higgins movies, one Bel Ami movie (Summer Cruising), some bisexual videos and bareback videos. It’s kinda hard to keep track of him because European porn models keep changing their porn name.

Now you can get up close and personal with this hot European bodybuilder on FLIRT 4 FREE. He goes under the name DENITO.

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  1. Mel
    22 Sep 10
    7:33 am

    I usually think long hair is a turn off on guys, but for this guy I will make the exception.

  2. manu
    22 Sep 10
    9:12 am

    I agree with Mel :) We need more diverse haircuts in porn

  3. leev
    22 Sep 10
    9:35 am

    i don’t like this model but there should be more long hair in porn

  4. Critic
    22 Sep 10
    1:19 pm

    Wow! And I was just wondering where the great looking blonds have disappeard to. He’s one well worth following from site to site.

  5. Miguel
    22 Sep 10
    2:54 pm

    There’s no way around for me, long hair is just a major turn off. I can see the guy is cute, but I can’t get hard with that hair.. sorry…

  6. manonman
    22 Sep 10
    11:39 pm

    Hair, lots of down there, hair up there, hair and sex go together so well

  7. Jim
    23 Sep 10
    1:05 am

    what a beauty!

  8. tecojo
    23 Sep 10
    2:00 am


  9. Critic
    24 Sep 10
    1:56 pm

    His face?? Handsome in a masculine way, not a pretty boy. Not a boi but a man.

  10. eerste
    25 Sep 10
    12:17 pm

    I like MEN in porn not another FARRAH FAWCETT!

  11. dutchhunk
    30 Sep 10
    12:45 pm

    this is the nicet and honnest porno boy whit longhair i ever have seen. i like this boy whit hei nice long hair

    radim i hoop you make also alot of gayporno dvd

  12. Raj 4m mozambique
    07 Jan 11
    9:40 am

    this men is just a men of my dreams, i love his hair, his
    body, and is fucking cock, i wish i culb there to get fucked by
    him, i love his biceps and abs, he is a very sexy blond guy. repaly

  13. big feet
    25 Feb 11
    7:37 pm

    cuanto calzara

  14. AJ
    09 May 11
    5:10 pm

    wow I think Philip is very hot, I lone long hair smooth muscular guys, I wish there were more. The short hair punk look is so yesterday and boring.

  15. kevin
    11 Dec 11
    4:35 am

    Pelo largo o corto…¡¡¡QUE IMPORTANCIA PUEDE TENER!!!. Es un chico por demàs de caliente y no se puede negar que a su cuerpazo lo utiliza màs que bien. Es un pasivo perfecto con un culazo que no muchos lo tienen. ¡¡¡Bien por Felipe!!!

  16. Almatolmen
    13 Jul 12
    11:32 pm

    Boy, is my age showing or what? In my HS and college days this is a guy who’d get my motor revving hot. And it still does! Long hair is beautiful and very sexy. But I also like guys with business and military cuts, too. I even occasionally find bald erotic (not everybody has a head well-shaped enough to pull it off).regardless, this guy looks fantastic.

  17. burdie2002
    29 Dec 13
    3:40 am

    This star, in my eyes, is the most handsome man I have ever seen in any video. I would really enjoy hearing from him, and would treasure a photograph. He has his style, isn’t one who has one tattoo after the other. His long hair makes him individual, and makes him a cut above the rest,and as I said to me special.