Did you remember Fratmen Damon? He’s one of the hottest guy on FRATMEN.TV for me. And he used to appear on MTV’s Parental Control.

This is a good news for all his fans, you can now chat with him on FLIRT 4 FREE. Check out his profile, he goes by the name Jesse John now.

+ Jesse John


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  1. Gayhunk
    15 Apr 12
    6:55 am

    Hello fellas,
    I want to ask that which gay porn site also accepts debit cards.
    Please do reply

  2. GMAN
    15 Apr 12
    3:46 pm

    All of them I believe, or at least, most of them

  3. Horny24/7
    15 Apr 12
    5:49 pm

    So is this guy gay or what? Is he a reality TV show loser desperate for some fame?

  4. JockBoy
    16 Apr 12
    1:58 am

    Isn’t a debit card … a bank card? Its not a credit card which is what most gay porn sites accept.

  5. Jesse
    17 May 12
    10:38 am

    Hey Horny first no I am nor a person looking to be a stupid reality tv D list person. Before you open you mouth you should look at all the professional stuff I have done and dont look at peoples shit if you have problems. I have thousands of fans and really well off, people like you used to piss me off and now just simply are sad.

  6. andrew
    05 Jul 12
    11:11 pm

    Jesse John you are one beefy guy. With your arms and shoulders, if you ever take up boxing you would have a great K O punch.

  7. Wough oh wow ! Muscles ! Please show us a whole movie of your lovemuscle in action. Flex it, swing it, make it drool. Get someone to give a mouth to cock recsusitation exercise on it. And that asscrack would serve so well as a dish to serve a whipped cream dessert in. You are one georgeous fuck

  8. Ya know what? A naked wrasslin’ match between you and Clayton Moats would show the world what male beauty is all about. Followed by a little making up after the fight was over of course After it’s all over, you’d both be swimming in cum and exhausted of course. Ahh, boys will be boys.