Stag Homme introduces new gay porn stud named Goran in his porn debut From Here To Heaven. Goran flip flop fucks with veteran porn star Damien Crosse. This scene is hot because both men seem to be really into each other plus I like Goran’s sun-kissed skin and nice toned body.

I love these hot new guys from Europe. Last month we’ve seen Italian Alex Marte, today it’s Bulgarian Goran!


+ More of Damien Crosse


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  1. Mel
    01 Sep 10
    3:53 am

    I have a bit of problem with stag homme. Yes they have hot guys and having sex but…They have serious with filming they angles are too tight and often its hard to know how is fucking who. In effort to be edgy the use semi public or non bedroom scenes this often leads to problems with lighting. Several of there films you can barely see they guys having sex. I think Damien and his on again off again boyfriend/husband Franchesco try too hard to be edgy but only do it half ass. They are into piss play but they dont eat cum. There are not into double pentrations or toys. They try rounchy fetish scenes but the seems very silly example the scene with Damien and Rob Nelson. The food theme was interesting but eventually was rediculous and there was acutally very little sex in the scene. Stagghomme needs return to the basics of porn.

  2. Mel
    01 Sep 10
    3:56 am

    I would like to say Damien does look good. Very lean. THere was time he was starting to get a little out shape but his back to hing hot. I dont know whats going with the brazilian trunks sice Damien is cuban.

  3. Ben
    01 Sep 10
    4:20 am


  4. Arab
    01 Sep 10
    6:17 am

    first they DO eat cum…
    second I think that guy ‘Goran’,that HAWT guy Damien’s friend,that explains why they’re into each other..
    I saw them together in some pix,when they had that trip to Egypt last year…

  5. Cole
    01 Sep 10
    6:42 am

    @Mel: Francesco did a DP scene with Damien and Pedro Andreas in ‘Numero Tres’, and there was a toy scene with Max Schutler and Pedro Andreas in ‘Atado’…just saying:)

  6. Cee
    01 Sep 10
    10:21 am

    Why does Damien have those stupid shoes on?

  7. manu
    01 Sep 10
    10:22 am

    Damien Crosse is great and I love Staghomme but shaving your body hairs?!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Please Damien!!

  8. robert
    01 Sep 10
    4:40 pm

    I think the scene is hot.. so what is up with Francesco and Damien.. are they still a couple?

  9. Ben
    01 Sep 10
    8:52 pm

    I love that very first shot of Damien’s big arm holding down Goran’s big leg! Gets me so hard!

  10. nnn
    01 Sep 10
    9:15 pm

    Every time I look at a porn star, I ask if they have something. And while Damien is attractive, I can’t help to make the association.

  11. Scott
    01 Sep 10
    9:32 pm

    Damien looks different to me, hot, just diff. Is that new ink on his shoulder/arm? I like him b/c he’s so sexually voracious. He must have a sneaker fetish, tho, b/e he does seem to keep his kicks on a lot in sex scenes (agree, Cee, that it looks stupid).

  12. manu
    02 Sep 10
    1:10 am

    Scott , this tattoo is quite old , you see him changed because he’s almost bald here and has shaved most of his body hairs – it takes away a lot of his charm I think :(

  13. Cole
    10 Sep 10
    10:41 pm

    Now I understand why Damien is with Goran and not Francesco, they look better together…I knew that his marriage with Francesco wouldn’t last long…how long was it? …1 year?

  14. robert
    20 Sep 10
    11:52 pm

    are you sure that Damien and
    Francesco are not a couple?????

  15. zaqki
    05 Dec 11
    8:03 pm

    you creyzy men