Check out these candid behind the scenes photos Corbin Fisher and director Pete shared on their Twitter. These hot CF models seem to have fun in Las Vegas both in and out of clothes :-) Oh, and Aiden looks so cute wearing glasses!

The picture above is from the set of the newest video, TREY TAKES CHANDLER’S LOAD.

Which Corbin Fisher model has the best DP-Face?




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  1. Luis
    19 Oct 12
    9:12 am

    I love this site, I think it has the best models in the industry and the scenes are so believable

  2. Marky
    19 Oct 12
    5:37 pm

    I agree, the hottest guys are on this site

  3. Billy Blue
    19 Oct 12
    6:51 pm

    I don’t find funny that this bunch of delusional homosexuals never use condoms !

  4. chris
    19 Oct 12
    7:07 pm

    I also love this site!! best models on the net seriously though. they do everything i like from bareback (which they get tested) to swallowing and more.

  5. just me
    19 Oct 12
    9:56 pm

    which model has the best DP face? Travis. bring him back Corbin

  6. sxg
    19 Oct 12
    11:43 pm

    I can’t believe you don’t have any DP pics of dawson. He’s been DPd at least twice!

  7. Joe
    20 Oct 12
    12:03 am

    Aiden is so cute. I agree with you guys CF has the hottest models in porn industry.

  8. Trey
    20 Oct 12
    1:12 am

    Aiden with glasses is super hot/cute. I would love to see Aiden flip flop with Ashton. It’s too bad CF has to change their models names because I always found the name Marshall suited Ashton much better, he looks like a sexy Marshall, whatever that means, lol.

  9. danny
    20 Oct 12
    7:43 am

    All these guys are really cute!!! Wish CF wasn’t so expensive to belong to!

  10. Jay
    23 Oct 12
    6:46 am

    Trey is so gorgeous…