Check out these hot preview pictures and videos from the first episode of GOLDEN GATE, starring So You Think You Can Fuck winner Topher DiMaggio and cute porn star Cameron Marshall, which premieres THIS FRIDAY only on NAKEDSWORD.COM.

Every week, a new, original episode will debut for NakedSword members, which will include Solo, Behind The Scenes, Exclusive Interviews, and of course, the Hardcore Sex Scenes. Season 2 is already in pre-production and will debut next year.

Golden Gate Episode 1 Behind The Scenes


+ More of Topher DiMaggio | Cameron Marshall

+ Golden Gate Episode 1: Behind The Scenes | Interview | Solo


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  1. Nobara Jones
    10 Nov 10
    10:54 am

    ALL HAIL, CAMERON MARSHALL!!!! Hottest guy in porn…EVER!

  2. @QMN I am so tired of these two. They both are hot as hell, but the fact they are a couple just irritates me. Nice scene tho. . . . . . I guess.

  3. Like Austin Wilde said……Topher is like Douche Bag of the year. But for some reason I still think he is the hottest but most douches are……

  4. leev
    10 Nov 10
    6:30 pm

    Topher is just great but the blonde guy…can’t stand him even though I have no valid reason to dislike him.

  5. TJ
    10 Nov 10
    7:03 pm

    Didn’t these two studs fuck in a Dominic Ford movie recently?

  6. Ricky
    10 Nov 10
    7:39 pm

    SUPER!!!!!!!!! Really look forward to this scene both are hot, topher my latest porn fetish. Hope it’l be released on dvd, yummie

  7. Zach
    11 Nov 10
    6:24 am

    TJ, yes they did but they’re also boyfriends.
    Have to say I liked Cameron with Josh Vaughn better…

  8. Nobara Jones
    11 Nov 10
    11:51 am

    Boys…I think they broke up!

    Everyone’s entitled to their opinions but seriously…some of these comments are downright vitriolic…

  9. RandyN
    11 Nov 10
    8:35 pm

    If they broke up before the scene it means they are really awesome performers. I saw just a little bit from that scene, but the magik is there!!!

  10. I hope they Broke up. Topher only needs me lmao! No but seriously I will have to Ask Cameron personally to confirm that.

  11. No those bastards are still together lmao.

    OMG WHYYYY? No but I am happy for them all jokes aside……kinda. Anyways I can’t wait till Christian Wilde’s Part Come out. I have already seen previews of Chris’s. AWESOME! BTW Chris is with Sam.

    So tired of this shit. lol Although Chris and Samuel make a great couple. Best Wishes!!!!

  12. Ricci
    18 Nov 10
    9:36 pm

    topher should bottom too

  13. Jordan Paes
    20 May 11
    1:39 pm

    Topher Dimaggio is mine. He is so f*cking hot it’s not funny! Im only gay for him ;)