I always love it when a porn director does a shout video like this for my Queer Me Now Blog :-) Thanks to Francesco D’Macho and his team for this cute shout out video by two hot European porn stars Goran and Maikel Cash from the set of STAG HOMME STUDIOS‘ latest video “Love Crash.” You can watch muscle stud Goran bottoms for Maikel Cash in this scene.


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  1. litper
    10 Oct 13
    9:27 am

    It’s great when a sexy man like Goran is bottoming!

  2. manu
    10 Oct 13
    10:45 am

    Goran is so hot as a bottom!!
    Don’t like the other guy though, but since it’s a staghomme video it should be good nevertheless ;)

  3. Darkhog
    10 Oct 13
    10:49 am

    Goran looks great getting fucked as well as the one doing the fucking. Seems like Maykel and him had a good time.

  4. balfo
    10 Oct 13
    11:52 am

    I can confirm it, Manu: it’s a great scene!!
    Maykel didn’t like to me too, but since when I watch porn movies I’m 100% focus on the bottom, for me it’s not a problem if the top isn’t hot (for my taste of course: I’m sure someone else will find Cash hot). Moreover A.C fucked Goran very well, so, as I said a couple of days ago, this is the best bottoming scene by Goran! :)

  5. Peter
    11 Oct 13
    5:02 am

    I love Goran’s body and dick, despite the hideous tattoos. Cash looks like he could be D.O.’s younger brother.

  6. manu
    11 Oct 13
    6:22 am

    Balfo, who is “A.C.”?

    I think Cash looks like he could be Michael Lucas’ older brother.

  7. balfo
    11 Oct 13
    8:45 am

    Ops! Sorry @manu, I meant M.C. (Maykel Cash). I get confused with Aitor Crash (he is sooo hot) :D

  8. manu
    11 Oct 13
    9:09 am

    They don’t look alike at all though :p Yes I agree Aitor Crash is one of my favourite bottoms, very masculine guy with a welcoming ass!! Unfortunately I think he is retired from porn now :(

  9. balfo
    11 Oct 13
    12:56 pm

    They definitely didn’t look alike :D And yeah, didn’t see any new scenes with Aitor involved, sadly :(

    Btw Maykel is way hotter than Michael Lucas: I mean, he’s not in my top 100 (lol :D), but there is no comparison with ugly face Lucas.
    As long as Maykel will kept fucking hot guys like Goran I’ll be happy :)