You watched Harry Louis‘ bottoming audition at Kristen Bjorn’s Casting Couch (he flip flop fucks with Lucas Rocha). Finally you can watch him put that porn practice to good use in Lucas Entertainment’s new movie Trapped In The Game.

LUCASENTERTAINMENT.COM just released this hot video featuring hottie Harry Louis and Hugo Martin take turns fucking each other. It’s the first time I see Harry bottom in porn movie.


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+ Casting Couch #177: Harry Louis and Lucas Rocha Fuck


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  1. tom in portland
    01 Dec 10
    3:31 am

    Thanks for getting this right and not just repeating the Lucas Enter false claim that this is Harry’s first time bottoming on camera.

  2. Greg
    01 Dec 10
    5:35 am

    I know this is wayyyyy off topic but i was just wondering if anyone knows why has stopped updating??

  3. robert
    01 Dec 10
    7:46 am

    harry on his blog made it sound like he had no chemistry with lucas rocha so it might as well be considered his first time

  4. gaysammy
    01 Dec 10
    1:24 pm

    all I can say is I’m glad Michael Lucas doesn’t appear in the film…he’s such a turn off!!!

  5. Luca
    01 Dec 10
    3:58 pm

    Come on guys, I love the whole “this is_____first time getting fucked” b-s-. It’s just really poorly thought out, bad marketing that only shows how basically uncreative most people in porno are. They only adequate response is ridicule. No different really than the ubiquitous lie that so-and-so is really STRAIGHT although he’s gotten fucked by three or four hundred guys in an endless stream of videos and also works as power bottom escort. It’s just funny. Tiring, but funny. Oh, and it’s World AIDS Day so let’s remember all those who have died or are struggling with HIV/AIDS, including the numerous porno actors.

  6. brian
    01 Dec 10
    4:55 pm

    Someone else liked the scene because they are wearing social socks while fucking? ;-)

  7. brian
    01 Dec 10
    5:16 pm

    I mean dress socks…

  8. RandyN
    02 Dec 10
    9:25 am

    there is something about guys with long lashes that just makes me melt…but long lashes and thick dicks put together should be illegal!

  9. Julian
    02 Dec 10
    11:38 am

    Men wearing black dress socks while fucking are a big turn on for me.

  10. brian
    02 Dec 10
    6:04 pm

    @Julian For me too! hehehe

  11. joshua
    02 Dec 10
    6:05 pm

    Harry bottomed for only a few minutes in a casting video for Bjorn. I would definitely count Trapped in the Game as his bottom debut. It’s a full scene and he takes it hard. It’s fucking hot so why debate it.. pointless. Just watch and enjoy queens!

  12. Scott
    02 Dec 10
    11:19 pm

    I don’t like the black socks at all. When I was a kid, a friend and I got hold of a copy of Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex…But Were Afraid to Ask. And in it, for men, it said to always be completely naked, that there was nothing more ridiculous looking than a naked man in black socks.
    So I don’t know if my aversion to it is due to that, or I just inherently hate it. Used to be one of those kinda jokey things about straight porn, that the cheeseball guys always had on dark socks.
    John Bruno does it all the time (leaves guys in those soc), consequently his movies usually are a turnoff for me.
    One of those “to each his own” things, I guess.

  13. Zia
    20 Aug 11
    3:45 pm

    harry ur my all time fav ;)

  14. edgardo
    18 Dec 11
    7:21 am

    harry is hot

  15. kostas
    08 May 12
    12:33 pm

    i prefer harry to be top all the time is the great fucker