This video Aiden’s Triple Load from Corbin Fisher‘s new website CF Select is hands down one of the hottest porn videos of 2011 (if not ever!).

It features hot and muscular porn stud like AIDEN getting fucked in various positions and he enjoys it too much he blows his load not one, not two, but three times! Connor does a good job by keep fucking Aiden after each time he cums.

Connor also does another hot scene this week where he and Cain tag-team handsome model Sean.

+ Aiden’s Triple Load




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  1. Bob
    18 Sep 11
    2:47 am

    Oh look, they “forgot” the condoms.

  2. Alias74
    18 Sep 11
    3:11 am

    Aiden’s Triple Load is seriously the hottest clip Corbin Fisher has put out. Ever. Bareback and at $6.95 it is well worth the download price and worthy of hours and hours of spank time. Aiden confessed in a recent CF interview he loves butt play and Connor unmercifully pulverizes Aiddn’s hole to three sloppy cumshots and one possibly ATM oral cumshot that Aiden appears to slam down his gullet (cant tell because the genius camera operator failed to catch Aiden’s slurp as his head moved out of camera range. #fail #backtofilmschool!
    CF Select’s exclusive clips are bareback and sold individually through the newly launched site…primarily IMHO because bloggers and commenters raised such a holier than thou stink over the ‘condom off-condom on’ approach that CF decided: you want it, you pay for it individually since our members apparently only want condomed gay sex. You all have no one but yourselves to thank for that business reinvention of the VOD model. Thank you all…my wallet thanks you too!
    BTW there is a Connor Pura Vida clip that is incendiary (he gots cockblasted by Cain bareback and totally gets stretched) and Ethan gets fucked bareback by Connor as well who.blows his load and then reinserts it into Ethan’s used raggedy hole! AWESOME!

  3. RawSlut
    18 Sep 11
    3:55 am

    This is the best porn ever! Now bring Travis back and gangbang him and Aiden!

  4. Rocco
    18 Sep 11
    4:42 am

    Too bad its Corbin Fisher!

    Will never give them my money!

  5. Darren
    18 Sep 11
    7:12 am

    YAY!! They didn’t use condoms in this one.
    Perfect! Fucking raw just like in all the STR8 porn these guys do too.

  6. Ben
    18 Sep 11
    8:20 am

    Totally love the barebacking! Thank you CF!

  7. Aaron Bennet
    18 Sep 11
    8:47 am

    Its looks wonderfull.

  8. Anderson
    18 Sep 11
    12:45 pm

    Well, cum three times means you’re liking in my opinion! No way Aiden is 100% str8.

  9. pskip
    18 Sep 11
    12:46 pm

    I honestly don’t see what is appealing about straight guys having gay sex w/o condoms. It totally escapes me.

  10. cc boy
    18 Sep 11
    1:26 pm

    There’s no way Aiden is 100 straight.

  11. Matias
    18 Sep 11
    1:27 pm

    Good looking, but the scene looks boring and mechanical.

  12. Rictor
    18 Sep 11
    4:13 pm

    Agreed, Matias, Aiden’s scene WAS boring and mechanical. CF edited his scene to make it appear Aiden came 3 times within a matter of 5 minutes. The action was rushed and there was no chemistry or heat at all.

  13. me
    18 Sep 11
    5:42 pm

    Safe sex is not “holier than thou”, it’s called being intelligent. Stop preaching and educate yourself. It’s amazing how ignorant some people still can be in 2011.

  14. James
    18 Sep 11
    6:20 pm

    I suspect most of the people here don’t know or don’t care about HIV/AIDS is and the affect it had on people “me.”

  15. jared
    18 Sep 11
    7:34 pm

    Can’t wait to download the Sean clip from CFSelect – hopefully soon!

  16. Jay
    18 Sep 11
    8:16 pm

    This is Treasure Island Media minus the sleazy-looking men. It may be glammed up with nicer looking guys, but it’s the same category as HDK, Treasure Island, and the Tyler Reed stuff…not that there is anything wrong with those outfits since obviously guys are watching the product, and some of the scenes are hot to watch.

  17. Thiago
    18 Sep 11
    10:40 pm

    I don’t do bareback, but man, I love to see it!!

  18. just me
    18 Sep 11
    11:09 pm

    just saw the video very hot. I never knew CF SELECT exist until you pointed it out QMN. thanks. also it hard to believe he cum three times in a span of 5 to 7 min. maybe if he can do another scene without a break in the video scene I will more likely believe. so CORBIN do another scene maybe Cain getting gang bang ; )

  19. Bob
    18 Sep 11
    11:41 pm

    I agree “me.” Bareback is not good.

  20. anton
    19 Sep 11
    12:04 am

    this aiden just blows me away.
    even though i could see at some point connor’s dick that was not inside aiden :) in the middle, right before the second comeshot. it’s 100% not inside and i can see that and that was a big turn off.
    but still, best scene of the year.

  21. tony
    19 Sep 11
    6:11 am

    Im glad to see that some people are still concern about the fact that barebacking is not good.

    CF is probably one of the studio i hate the most these days.

  22. waht!
    19 Sep 11
    7:00 am

    Me thinks it was cut to make it look like he came 3 times, next time CF do it in just one continuous take.

  23. Marko
    19 Sep 11
    10:25 am

    QMN, in future can you please tell us if the scenes you’re posting are BB or not, so those of us who don’t like it can choose not to click through. I love your site btw – hottest gay porn blog around :)

  24. Critic
    19 Sep 11
    12:45 pm

    Hottest scene I have ever seen! Aiden was excited before the action began and he had goosebumps from kissing! Connor is always hot, hot, hot. Wouldn’t have gone to CFSelect except for your posting.

  25. ugh
    19 Sep 11
    4:23 pm

    This is a bad business decision on CF’s part (surprise, surprise). I don’t think they’ll make much money off of their Select Brand. Not only are they screwing their loyal customers by charging them extra over something that would have eventually appeared on their regular site but what they are offering, judging from those pics, doesn’t seem to be that good. Bareback? Already done on CF. Popular models bottoming? Pretty much all of the popular models have bottomed by now and will continue to do so. So, where’s the beef? If the quality of scenes takes a nosedive on the regular site, CF can expect to see lots of membership cancellations. I’m sure quite a few have already canceled over the bad PR CF generated many months ago. To me, this seems like a desperate attempt to generate some quick cash. And it is desperate. You don’t see RB doing this sort of thing.

  26. alex
    20 Sep 11
    4:13 am

    I don’t believe in bareback in porn and I’ve never done bareback in real life. I don’t see what how bareback can make a scene more enjoyable — when you realize the guys are putting themselves at risk so voyeurs can get their rocks off. Seriously, is it the risk that turns people on? That’s just sick.

  27. Kyle
    20 Sep 11
    5:33 am

    Love it, love it love, Thanks You Corbin Fisher for granting my wish. Please keep making more bareback porn and I’ll be a member for life. Love it, best porn ever

  28. Critic
    20 Sep 11
    12:35 pm

    Bareback aside, I’ve never seen a porn actor as excited as Aiden was. What’s missed is that he had an internal anal orgasm, like you get with an aneros, along with shooting his load! WOW!!!

  29. Luca
    20 Sep 11
    6:14 pm

    @Critic, uh, how do you know Aiden had an internal anal orgasm? LOL. I sure hope he did. And you do have to give Corbin Fisher credit for having some of the best looking guys in the business. So much of gay porn today, like TIMTALES. or T.I.M. or even TitanMen, has theis really sleazy look where most of the guys look so tired and used up. I admit their use of barebacking is bizarre, they fuck for a long time, then put on a condom, often after you can see the top has cum in the bottom’s ass or mouth, and the bottoms suck the cocks that were just in their asses so why bring in a condom halfway through the video. But I like the handsome, jock-look of clean cut all-American guys. They are guys you would actually want to have sex with.

  30. ian
    25 Sep 11
    10:36 pm

    I think Aiden appeared on Sean Cody a few years ago. He was the guy who got blown and rimmed and said afterwards his legs were shaking from the rimming. he quite liked it.

  31. ian
    25 Sep 11
    10:40 pm

    if found him, he was Roman on Sean Cody.