hot muscular porn star Wade Paulo Cruiser Robbie Madden

Some HOT new models from Sean Cody, Randy Blue and Lucas Kazan I’m hot for.

naked male model Randy Blue Devin Draz aka Spence

Devin Draz is a new muscular model from RANDYBLUE.COM. He was also known as Spence on Amateur Straight Guys. He fucks and gets fucked in many videos (He’s on the cover of Bros Before Hoes, Fuck Club and Drill Baby Drill) and I hope he will bring his versatility (along with his oozing masculinity) to Randy Blue.

muscle men with big cock Robbie Madden

This new model Robbie Madden must become so popular on Randy Blue. Robbie is a dream comes true for “size” queens with his five foot seven inches of pure muscle and his 8 1/2 inches of thick, meaty cock!

fitness model Sean Cody model Wade

fitness model Sean Cody model Wade jerking off

His modeling photos can be found around the internet and I’m glad this fitness model decided to do a solo video with SEANCODY.COM. He is called Wade and I wish he will do more.

naked boxer Paul Cruiser

Paul Cruiser is 19. He has been a boxer for four years. His handsome, boyish face and his perfectly sculpted body remind Lucas Kazan of Bill Henson.

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  1. peet
    29 Jul 09
    4:08 am

    I like Paul. He’s body, his uncut dick (not a monstercock!) – well, perfect.

    But I like the Sean Cody’s and Randy Blue’s modell too.

    I think, many gay guys like a bf like them.

  2. Carlos
    09 Aug 09
    12:19 pm

    Come on, the boxer Paul Cruiser is perfect. Can you imagine what a phenomenal bottom he would be. You rarely see handsome studs like him in porno. Let’s see more of him.

  3. Roland
    09 Aug 09
    12:22 pm

    Yeah, I concur with Carlos. This guy Paul Cruiser is a beauty. A handsome, powerful boxer with a small cock is so hot, let’s see him get fucked, he was born to be a bottom! A hot man does not have to have a huge cock as he proves. He should be a porn star.

  4. Fabio
    09 Aug 09
    12:41 pm

    Maybe it’s because I am Italian but I find the models Lucas Kazan cjooses the most beautiful of all the porn models. Italians love to find beauty in everything and the don’t simply choose a man because he has a huge cazzo. Symmetry of the body, a beautiful face are far more important. Sono d’accordo con Carlos e Roland, il boxer Paul Cruiser e veramente bellissimo. He is like Bill Henson, another beautiful man with a not stellar cock and he was probably one of the greatest bottoms ever in porno. Io lo guardo ancora e lo trovo il migliore di tuttto tempo. Voglio vedere Paul Crusier! Come on Lucas Kazan, you have us eager, let’s see Paul bottom, per favore. Paul, ti voglio chiavare a morte.

  5. Michael
    09 Aug 09
    9:49 pm

    Yes, Paul Cruiser is my idea of perfection. Wow I would so love to see him bottom. Please!

  6. Marc
    29 Aug 09
    1:44 pm

    Paolo Cruiser was made to be a bottom. Since his cock doesn;t go beyond his pubes it must be only about 4″. Perfect, a total bottom and a boxer. HOT!