Emilio is tall, handsome and half Puerto Rican / half Costa Rican. This hot Latino stud is the latest guy who get fucked on SEANCODY.COM. They paired him up with another hot jock Brodie. I like this video, both Emilio and Brodie are so sexy and I love watching two masculine men fuck!

+ Brodie Fucks Emilio

+ More of Emilio | Brodie


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  1. Nobara Jones
    19 Nov 10
    9:51 am

    Both of them have pretty enviable, off-the-charts equipment…SC is really building up to Brodie finally getting his mangina invaded (LOVE that hairy hairy ASS!!!).

    Unless he’s the new Matt/Jess/Doug….oh wait: Doug got fucked….once….painfully….then left!

  2. ichiban
    21 Nov 10
    4:40 pm

    I really really really love Bodie’s hairy ass. And this pairting is sooooooooooo hot!! SC is still No.1 gay porn site.