Two hot newcomers who caught my attention this week – Sean Cody model Brandon and European stud Gio Cruz.

Brandon is the latest Sean Cody model who makes his fucking debut. He got his cock sucked by hottie Jamie before. And this time Brandon is back to fuck Jeffrey.

+ Brandon Fucks Jeffrey | Jamie Sucks Brandon


Another hot and masculine newcomer making his porn debut this week. His name is Gio Cruz and he fucks Ben Brown at ALPHAMALE FUCKERS.


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  1. waht!
    13 Sep 11
    7:54 am

    Sean Cody never fails to deliver hot stud. YUM

    13 Sep 11
    8:28 am

    Ditto waht LOVE ME some Brandon and GLAD that he is back at Sean Cody!!!!! :)

  3. Alias74
    13 Sep 11
    8:43 am

    Hot newcomers.

    BTW Ben Brown is INCREDIBLE…but am I the only one that finds him just a so so performer? Feel like he could emote a little more…

  4. Critic
    13 Sep 11
    12:38 pm

    Brandon’s body is classically beautiful. He looks hot in any position or pose. He could have a Super Porn Star career.

  5. Anderson
    13 Sep 11
    3:39 pm

    Gio Cruz is hot, I like his bad guy style. BUT to blow cigarette’s smoke on dick and hole is totally turn off to me!
    Brandon is hot too, hope to see him more times.

  6. Chris
    13 Sep 11
    9:08 pm

    Brandon is A+, I just wish they would stop using Jeffrey, the guy is just very plain amongst the other SC models.

  7. Gazzaq
    15 Sep 11
    12:17 am

    I disagree re Jeffery he is an alright performer.Lets see how long Brandon stays around although with that fit arse lets hope its a long time.