Randy Blue model Dallas Evans Fucks Christian Sharp

I’m so excited about this latest update on RANDYBLUE.COM because Dallas Evans is one of perfect male models IMHO. This hottie has it all – boyish handsome face, kissable lips and muscular body. Randy Blue used him on some ads and now I’m glad he can convinced him to fuck another guy. Christian Sharp is that lucky dude! Don’t miss Dallas Evans’ first time fucking a guy!







+ Watch Dallas Evans Fucks Christian Sharp


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  1. Declan
    23 Oct 09
    3:33 pm

    Big yawn! Nothing to see here, move along people.

  2. Javier
    23 Oct 09
    4:36 pm

    Dallas Evans is hot, masculine, buff. Sizzlin dude.

  3. Beto
    23 Oct 09
    9:01 pm

    I applaud Randy Blue for their slick production values, great looking guys, and that neat poster. Their scenes don’t do anything for me … unless Chris Rockway in involved. So, Declan’s advice is ace.

  4. gino
    23 Oct 09
    9:26 pm

    another dud!

    if i will pay to watch someone fuck. i want to see both cocks hard.

    randy blue, as always, is a waste of money.

    gorgeous men, yes. boring n uninspired videos, yes.

    i will go with corbin or sean anytime.


  5. Pixter
    23 Oct 09
    9:42 pm

    Have to agree with the above sentiments…yaaaaaaawn. I was once a big fan(subscriber) of Randy Blue…mostly because of Kevin Falk. Nowadays….meh!

  6. Shamone
    23 Oct 09
    11:50 pm

    LOLZ at the Blind Bitter Queens ^^. Hot scene. Yummy Dudes.

  7. dan
    24 Oct 09
    12:24 am

    Yeh exactly sounds like a lot of jealous queens…..What kind of grown men go….yawwnnnnnn?

  8. Charlie_Jackpot
    24 Oct 09
    1:44 am

    I want to see Christian Sharp with a beard and a hard cock fucking ass not sitting on cock in a gym

  9. Jonah
    24 Oct 09
    7:25 am

    Come on guys a large percentage of guys who get fucked don’t stay hard. If you watch the clip you see how much fun Christian is having and his enthusiasm. It’s hotter than a lot of professional productions from the majors so don’t bag it because it supposed to be amateur. Randy has some hot guys on his site as well, some way better than the studios as well.

  10. J&J
    24 Oct 09
    5:30 pm

    The top has no balls. ewww

  11. tom in portland
    03 Nov 09
    5:30 am

    RB is now telling us who filmed each scene. This scene was filmed by “Brian and Ian” and “cut” by Ian. They really need to go back to film school. Thru out the scene they have Dallas fucking as the top with his legs spread apart. The ONLY reason to do that is so that you can get a really good shot of penetration from below But then they film only fromt eh side and from above??? The word idiots” comes to mind.

  12. ross
    11 Apr 12
    4:56 am

    i think dallas evans is so hot, can u tell me if dallas evans escorts and how can i get in touch with him. thanks and your movies are great