This is my favorite sex position of the week :-) It shows the bottom Darius Ferdynand’s amazing body and the top Paul Walker’s butt hole at the same time. This scene the scene called Fucking The Band Part 2 from MEN.COM.

Darius Ferdynand is definitely the rising porn star to keep an eye on. He’s a great bottom (check out his previous video Darius bottomed for Johnny Venture).

And don’t miss today’s video, Instant Message Mix-Up, Rod Daily fucks Mike De Marko.

+ Fucking The Band Part 2: Paul Walker Fucks Darius Ferdynand

+ Instant Message Mix-Up: Rod Daily Fucks Mike De Marko



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  1. Willie
    19 Mar 13
    4:50 am

    It is a great gay porn position. Seeing a top’s anus, not just arse, is a big turn-on. I especially like it when they make it wink, twitch or gape.

  2. Anderson
    19 Mar 13
    5:50 am

    lucky Darius! he already been fucked twice by Paul Walker and by Paddy

  3. panther
    19 Mar 13
    5:56 am

    loving Walker’s nice big feet.

  4. jeremy
    19 Mar 13
    6:08 am

    that scene is hot.Paul Walker have a sexy happy that men are Paul Walker ass.
    i hope Paul Walker get his ass play with

  5. Dan
    19 Mar 13
    6:57 am

    I adore Paul
    Grate Ass
    Hot body
    Fabulous position
    Delicious feet !!
    Ah those feet !!!!!!

  6. tom
    19 Mar 13
    9:12 am

    Paul Walker have a great ass and delicious feet to. I would like to see that feet worship and rimjob to…

  7. Chris Redfield
    19 Mar 13
    10:30 am

    I agree with Willie! I love ass men! Paul´s ass is so hot…and seein top´s ass really turn on any guy! Will Paul be rimmed or fucked? He´s versatile in his profile! :)

  8. Jeff
    19 Mar 13
    12:53 pm

    this scene is awesome but there’s something missing in it : I wish Paddy were there to rim Paul’s ass

  9. jeremy
    19 Mar 13
    1:35 pm

    dont forget to tell on twitter @Men.if you tell what you like on may put in a scene.

  10. GreGG
    19 Mar 13
    11:29 pm

    I like feet too. There great for walking.

  11. ed
    20 Mar 13
    2:05 am

    Paul Walker is growing on me. He seems to be into fucking the little guy and he’s quite sexy.

  12. Herman
    20 Mar 13
    2:14 am

    Darius does it for me

  13. Matt
    20 Mar 13
    2:21 am

    Rod-friggin’-Daily = hot!

  14. jeremy
    20 Mar 13
    3:30 am

    Paul Walker also do webcam show.

  15. cosmic.dave
    20 Mar 13
    5:49 am

    Love Mike De Marko and his fine butt and big dick!!!

  16. Lance
    20 Mar 13
    6:34 am

    I agree with Chris. I too wish Paddy were there to rim Paul’s arse!

  17. mich
    20 Mar 13
    7:53 am

    I like Darius a lot and hope to see more from him and with a more animated partner. Paul was his usual one-sided, one-dimensional self, a total waste of space and time.