It started 6 months ago, back in July 2012 when there’s a rumor that Zeb Atlas was shooting porn with Jimmy Fanz for Raging Stallion. Today the fourth scene from THE WOODS Part 1 is available online at RAGING STALLION STUDIOS website.

Bodybuilder Zeb Atlas and hairy stud Jimmy Fanz looks so sexy together. Check out this cuddling screenshot and the behind the scenes videos.

+ THE WOODS Part 1: Zeb Atlas Fucks Jimmy Fanz

+ The Woods Parts 1 & 2

+ Exclusive! Behind The Scenes / Bloopers / Outtakes from THE WOODS


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  1. Marko
    04 Jan 13
    10:50 am

    Hot pairing – I don’t know who I envy more.

  2. Roy
    04 Jan 13
    11:34 am

    they look like different sized versions of each other

  3. Daniel
    04 Jan 13
    1:05 pm

    Jimmy is so fucking hot. Love to see when he acts like a wrore. Would love to fuck him too. Beautiful young boy with an amazing body, face and fur. Wooof!

  4. Jose Juan
    04 Jan 13
    2:24 pm

    Zeb Atlas always looks amazing I really love him.

  5. TJ
    04 Jan 13
    2:40 pm

    Always glad to see Zeb fucking guys. Funny thing any guy looks smaller compared to him.

  6. Aron
    04 Jan 13
    3:04 pm

    I dont find this appealing…the guys too big and too tanned for my nordic taste.

  7. DJ
    04 Jan 13
    3:27 pm

    Is it just me or I really wanna see Zeb Atlas getting fucked hard?

  8. FrenchFlair
    04 Jan 13
    3:58 pm

    Their dicks seem photoshoped, don’t they?

  9. Serge
    04 Jan 13
    4:09 pm

    Fuck that bitch, Zeb ,,,, come on ,,,

  10. Anderson
    04 Jan 13
    4:27 pm

    I bet that was a great day in Jimmy’s life! =)

  11. SuckItBaby
    04 Jan 13
    4:48 pm

    Soooo hot, giving Jimmy what he deserves, rippping his hole apart. Zeb, keep getting bigger and hornier!

  12. manu
    04 Jan 13
    5:09 pm

    Yes the dicks are very photoshopped! Why do they do this? It’s not like these guys need it…I too would love to see Zeb bottoming , but this looks like a hot scene as JImmy Fanz can do no wrong in my eyes :p

  13. TJ
    04 Jan 13
    7:27 pm

    the photos do look photoshopped, but the video looks great, love seeing Zebs fat cock filling that hairy hole.

  14. alex
    04 Jan 13
    10:01 pm

    I watche a vid of Zeb fucking some other scrawny guy. I ejoyed watching Zeb’s big body and ass, but his partner could have been a woman for all I cared about him. I’m just not into watching bigger/older dudes fuck scrawny/younger guys. And yeah, I’d love to see Zeb’s ass on the receiving end.

  15. Oscar
    04 Jan 13
    10:21 pm


  16. Olaf
    04 Jan 13
    11:07 pm

    @alex, He’s no body builder, but I wouldn’t call Jimmy Fanz scrawny

  17. WildPNW
    04 Jan 13
    11:12 pm

    Jimmy Fanz is adorable but in some of these scenes he needs some Viagra

  18. Tony
    05 Jan 13
    4:33 am

    I seen Zeb Atlas in a hot gay porn video fucking the love of my life, Adam Killian. Later I saw Zeb fucking a female in a staight video. Is Zeb bisexual? I find him sexy, however, he’s too muscular and big for me. I don’t like guys too muscular. Adam Killian is a big muscular guy too. I like hot me about the size of Eddie Cibrian, Alex O’Louglin, and William Levy. LOL

  19. Zac L.
    05 Jan 13
    4:35 am

    Jimmy Famz as same as taken high dose of Viagra when he deep throat Zab’s huge muscle monster cock, agree?

  20. Gordon
    05 Jan 13
    5:57 am

    This was very hot. Thanks! Now, I would like to see Zeb Atlas getting screwed.

  21. andrew
    05 Jan 13
    9:19 pm

    Beautiful Jimmy and muscle god Zeb look awesome together. Jimmy is the perfect bottom for the big guy.