I mentioned muscular Randy Blue model Cayden Ross and sexy Next Door Studios Exclusive Parker London in my previous Newcomer Alert posts. Both guys received positive responses from readers.

We have seen them in solo videos, now Randy Blue and Next Door Buddies websites just released their first man-on-man sex scenes!







For Rock ‘n’ Roll dude Parker London, his very first sex video released is a threesome scene with Blu Kennedy and Jeremy Fox. Parker London does it all! He tops, he bottoms and even gets train-fucked in this new video from Next Door Buddies!

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While Parker London does full anal sex in his first sex video, muscular Randy Blue model Cayden Ross only dipping his toe into gay porn and has his first onscreen blowjob and face fucking sexy Sean Everett.

Looks like we have to wait a little longer for anal scene from this muscle dude. Just like other popular Randy Blue models, they started with oral scenes, then moved to dildo scenes and anal scenes, right?

+ Cayden Ross & Sean Everett XXX Gallery


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  1. Jamal
    06 Nov 09
    8:49 pm

    Cayden is the hottest dude in gay porn today. Even hotter than Tony Mecelli.

  2. Pariah
    06 Nov 09
    9:51 pm

    It is just to bad that all the Next Door guys have to service Cody’s enormous ego. You can’t even get into it because you know they are going to have to degrade themselves in the next shoot. All three of the guys have already shot scenes with him. UGH

  3. Mario
    06 Nov 09
    10:37 pm

    Cayden is hot, he has this raw masc thing going on that so many other guys lack and a fat dick and smokin body.

  4. Ben
    06 Nov 09
    11:06 pm

    Boy oh Boy, there is so much hot talent out there these days one doesn’t know where to look next. Got to say though that the amateur sites seem to be reeling in the hottest guys at the moment. Only studio bunny out there worth a decent perve is Mitchell Rock. Here’s hoping Cayden does more stuff with guys!

  5. thraceguy
    07 Nov 09
    3:28 am

    bearded dude on the right photo at the top, total hunk…don’t like body art but would want to ask him why he did it and groove on it… total hot guy

  6. brian
    08 Nov 09
    8:21 am

    Parker London is very hot! Cayden is hot too, but I preffer Parker