I assume that you guys have watched my interview with hunky porn star Marcus Ruhl by now (Thanks to Lucas Entertainment), If you haven’t, you can watch it here.

Now let’s watch him in action in this latest scene from COCKSURE MEN. This time Marcus Ruhl bottoms for Topher DiMaggio. Both guys are very hot.

Check out the preview pictures below, this scene ends with an impressive cumshots!

+ Topher DiMaggio Fucks Marcus Ruhl


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  1. Jo
    11 Aug 12
    4:15 am

    Someone needs to fuck Topher’s ass.

  2. manu
    11 Aug 12
    4:39 am

    I agree with Jo :D

  3. DD
    11 Aug 12
    4:53 am

    I want to see Marcus paired with someone who really knows how to fuck like Adam Killian or Diesel Washington (without all the talking). You can tell there’s a freak in Marcus, he just needs to be paired with someone who can bring that out!

  4. DD
    11 Aug 12
    4:54 am

    And I love Marcus’ ass! Yum.

  5. ed
    11 Aug 12
    5:17 am

    topher is cute but too well groomed and not real manly. it sucks that most gay porn actors are that way. where are the natural men.

  6. Cody
    11 Aug 12
    6:50 am

    Love the hot Arab or Arab action!

  7. Matias
    11 Aug 12
    7:59 am

    Good looking guys, but I agree with DD, hot Marcus needs a real top.

  8. Herman
    11 Aug 12
    8:24 am

    Marcus is hot with his lips wrapped around dick. Hope he stays on bottom.

  9. Matias
    11 Aug 12
    11:14 am

    Need to add, Topher is also good looking.

  10. Adrian
    11 Aug 12
    11:43 am

    They both look perfect.They match together,make a lovely couple
    By the way they’re not arabs they’re LATINOS,
    I’m one ,and I’m very prous of my HOT latinos

  11. MJ
    11 Aug 12
    1:42 pm

    I thought Topher was Italian?
    and I agree with the above statements.
    both guys are hot but Marcus needs a hardcore guy to fuck him and Topher needs to have his ass broken in

  12. Zac L.
    11 Aug 12
    2:26 pm

    I’d like to be the third co-actor and let my hungry mouth fullfilled with both latino’s fresh hot passion fire out since they can not hold it back no more, my recommend is let me recycle both hot actor’s energy overflow problem and warm me up by the way…make some change for the audience positive feedback, agree?

  13. George
    11 Aug 12
    2:38 pm

    Topher needs to bottom on screen. There’s no point him continuing as a false and very boring top

  14. Joe
    11 Aug 12
    3:39 pm

    Both hunks are hot. I love Marcus, just looking at him i get a real hard on.
    Keep bottoming Marcus you are doing just great.

  15. TDTM
    11 Aug 12
    4:21 pm

    Gopher was just a boring top and ruined the scene. There was absolutely no chemistry between these two and they both looked bored throughout the whole thing.

  16. gio
    11 Aug 12
    4:41 pm

    Wait til u see him with Andrew Justice…that scene will be amazing!

  17. Almatolmen
    11 Aug 12
    6:09 pm

    Just to be a little contrary and to reverse the usual refrain, I think Markus should top :)

  18. alongside
    11 Aug 12
    8:16 pm

    Of the “professional” porn actors, Topher is usually the most mechanical and dull of them. But I disagree with TDTM. With Marcus, he was actually really getting into him.

  19. SuckItBaby
    11 Aug 12
    8:53 pm

    Hope they both get gangbanged soon!

  20. Jay
    11 Aug 12
    9:24 pm

    I agree with the Killian suggestion…that would actually be an interesting match-up. AK knows how to take it right up to the line between hot to watch & stomach churning to watch (i.e. Rafael Alencar and Ricky Sinz–their scenes tend to look way too much like sexual assaults to be seen as erotic).

  21. Daniel
    11 Aug 12
    10:45 pm

    I don’t know why Topher is still in the industry? He is so boring screaming like this… totally fake. Come on, this is not sexy. And Marcus needs a man, that’s a fact. That’s why he don’t deleaver in his scenes. His scene with Robert Van Dame was the same, no chemistry. And yes, Robert is another one boring and fake with that ugly muscled shaved body and face botox. We need better tops, men that looks like real men.

  22. phil
    12 Aug 12
    1:04 am

    Love that phat ass and hot legs on Marcus. Love you man!

  23. Jason
    12 Aug 12
    2:24 am

    Topher and Alencar would tie for most boring, bad acting award — s/b bottoms, not Top only. Both are TOTAL FAKES. Surely NOT turn on’s. Check out ALencar BOTTOM videos – REAL !

  24. Almatolmen
    12 Aug 12
    3:18 am

    Just how do you define “real men”? As far as I’m concerned they come in many shapes, sizes, conditions and appearences. I wonder how many people who browse here would agree with your definition.

  25. Ken Hodges
    12 Aug 12
    6:34 am

    OMG- I would just LOVE that huge HUNK to lay on top of me and take me at his pleasure s his obedient Princess Ken Hodges for hours with a full bottle of Wesson Oil.

  26. suti
    12 Aug 12
    12:34 pm

    topher is extremely good looking and has a great body and a GREAT ASS, he was a natural when he debuted for randy blue, he could kiss like an angel and was involved, also i think he should bottom too and quickly. Alencar is indeed a bore but topher when directed well and with the right partner is still top notch material

  27. sxg
    12 Aug 12
    3:12 pm

    Topher is an attractive man, but his mannerisms suit him better to be a big raging bottom. I wonder if his personality and work ethics have improved since after being pushed into a pit of fire. Or is he the same douchebag as he always has been?

  28. Broko
    12 Aug 12
    6:26 pm

    It’s no secret I love Marcus Ruhl, hottest face and body. Looks like big guy and no signs of roids. I hope he does not neglect those hot thighs keep them just as they are, so sexy. Keep everything as it is,

  29. Alex
    25 Jan 13
    5:42 am

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