Many hot new guys to keep an eye on today, I just introduced Ray Han earlier and now I would like you to check out this hunky newcomer named Jake Bolton.

Last week I published some behind the scenes photos from the set of Men At Play‘s upcoming video called “Nasty Boy 2,” I mentioned a hot guy kneeling in front of Logan Rogue in one of the pictures. That’s Jake Bolton!

Jake Bolton just filmed a scene with porn star Lucio Saints for UK NAKED MEN / BUTCH DIXON yesterday. Lucio shared many pictures from the set via his Twitter. I’m glad to know that hunky Jake Bolton is a bottom and he gets fucked by Lucio Saints in this scene! Don’t forget to follow them on Twitter @BoltonJake and @Lucio_Saints.

Jake Bolton with Logan Rogue on the set of MEN AT PLAY.


+ Jessy Ares Fucks Max Duran

+ Issac Jones Fucks Aaron Steel

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  1. Anderson
    16 May 13
    9:59 am

    yeah…so many hot guys around…and me here alone!

  2. Willie
    16 May 13
    10:36 am

    Jake Bolton is ravishing.

  3. manu
    16 May 13
    10:59 am

    THis boy is a bottooooomm

    Yeaaah he’s so cute and masculine, really glad he is bottoming.

    Butch Dixon produces some great porn! They have a few guys I really don’t like ( Jessy Ares and ISssac Jones :s), the rest is pretty awesome.

  4. Devin
    16 May 13
    11:13 am

    Is someone cross eyed?

  5. pornbit
    16 May 13
    12:02 pm

    Lucio Saints is always wearing a wedding ring in his scenes. For some reason I get the sense he is married to a woman, anyone know for sure? He is a good performer though.

  6. dissi
    16 May 13
    12:15 pm

    Jake… what a dreamboat. between him and Ray Han, things are looking up!

  7. sxg
    16 May 13
    5:38 pm

    @Pornbit he’s married to an Oscar Ramirez, according to Oscar’s instagram. It’s not posted to Lucio’s instagram profile though. But it’s pretty obvious they are both married. There are a ton of pics Lucio takes with each other. Also they live in Spain, and Spain has had legal same sex marriages for about 8 years now.

    And so many hot guys on here. Jake does look like he’s got a bit of a cross-eyed look but those are details that I don’t make a big deal over. The man is hot and handsome and I can’t wait to see his scenes :)

    16 May 13
    6:23 pm


  9. MarcoManuel
    16 May 13
    9:16 pm

    Jake Bolton kind of look like Cayden Ross.

    Jake looks latin.He is hot.

    Its nice to see a man with a natural look in gay porn.

    Theres so much gay for pay men in gay porn.

    Gay for pay men are usualy the biggest muscle men in gay porn.

    Gay for real men also have muscles.But,gay for real men are usualy on the leaner muscle side.

    Unlike the very big muscles straight men style.

    Leaner muscles gay men style is the best.

  10. Kevin
    16 May 13
    10:41 pm

    What’s that blue thing on his dick?