This porn newcomer Boston Miles is a proud boyfriend of sexy and talented bottom Dylan Hauser (remember the movie he got gang-banged?). They are among the porn lovers I forgot to mentioned on this blog earlier. You can follow them @BostonMilesXXX and @DylanHauser. And like most porn couple, they share sexy and cute photos of each other all the time.

Boston Miles made porn debut last year at BADPUPPY.COM where he got fucked by Draven Torres. And this week he shows his versatility by fucking Kyle Quinn in a new video from MEN.COM.



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  1. RawSlut
    22 Feb 12
    2:58 am

    sorry, but, who is Dylan Hauser?

  2. Neil
    22 Feb 12
    3:40 am

    I hate to do this again,but please read my email or my last comment which is about repasting and translating ur blog.Thanks

  3. QMN
    22 Feb 12
    3:48 am

    @Neil I checked my inbox, I checked my spam box. I can’t find your email. But you can translate my blog if you want.

  4. gayhunk93
    22 Feb 12
    9:02 am

    Could you please show us some details about RANDYBLUE MODEL “JAXTON WHEELER”


  5. Alias74
    22 Feb 12
    3:39 pm

    THIS guy is HOT! But there is something about his facial contours that catches the light in some shots.
    Still….what a delicious find! Go, Dylan!

  6. michb
    22 Feb 12
    5:32 pm

    I think Boston was totally cute and adorable in his scene with Kyle Quinn. Hope to see a lot more of him.

  7. Billy Blue
    22 Feb 12
    6:52 pm

    He is beautful and sexy, I think that he have potential.

  8. Adam
    22 Feb 12
    10:46 pm

    We have since changed the name of the scene to “Uninvited” and we’ve also needed to bring it down while we edit it slightly. Sorry for any confusion it will be back up soon.

  9. Ed
    23 Feb 12
    1:21 am

    Boston Miles is gorgeous!

  10. dostum
    23 Feb 12
    2:16 am

    yes,he is…

    he have great bottomscene with draven torres at badpuppy…

  11. kevin
    23 Feb 12
    10:52 pm

    No puedo creer que el payaso DRAVEN “ARCO IRIS” TORRES, se lo haya cogido a semejante papasito como es BOSTON MILES…¡¡¡ POR FAVOR !!!, tengan mejor gusto al momento de emparejar a dos actores. TORRES no le llega a la suela de los zapatos a MILES