One of my all-times favorite directors, Csaba Borbely (Sunstroke: Wild In St. Tropez, Chiseled, Muscle Gang, Slam 2, Santorini Heatwave, etc) is releasing new movie this January and he recently introduced this sexy new model, the 19 year-old ballet dancer named Danny Hensley on his blog Diamond Pictures Stars.

+ Diamond Pictures Exclusive Newcomer

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  1. adidas28
    25 Nov 12
    2:34 am

    Yum. Pretty kid and awesome hog on him.

    I like those Diamond movies. Who’s in this new one?

  2. QMN
    25 Nov 12
    3:49 am

    @adidas28 Too bad the director hasn’t told me any detail about his movie.

  3. jeremy
    25 Nov 12
    4:34 am

    i never hear of Diamond Pictures Stars

  4. kyle
    25 Nov 12
    4:50 am

    So cute~But….Diamond Pictures Stars so Seldom

  5. EdWoody
    25 Nov 12
    9:41 am

    Danny is certainly a beauty, but I’m afraid Csaba Borbely is NOT one of my favourite directors. His movies always seemed to be the very epitome of passionless and mechanical. The men were always beautiful, but they couldn’t have been less interested in what they were doing. Unless he’s picked his game up in the last five years or so.

  6. Giorgio
    25 Nov 12
    11:12 am

    Amazing Guy!
    Csaba Borbély is my favourite Director!
    His movies are the Best.

  7. Critic
    25 Nov 12
    1:32 pm

    Danny is outstanding: adorable face, really nice body, amazing cock. I hope the studio does him justice!

  8. Herman
    25 Nov 12
    2:03 pm

    Adorable man. Cant wait to see him giving up that cute ass.

  9. Matias
    25 Nov 12
    2:22 pm

    This young man looks beautiful. I love ballet and I would prefer to see him on Bolshoi stage than gay porn, but I am sure he had his reasons.

  10. Spiro
    26 Nov 12
    12:01 am

    Boody hell that cock on Danny looks like a flag pole lol!

  11. andrew
    26 Nov 12
    12:56 am

    Danny is one of those guys who makes most of us feel inadequate or really jealous. He has a handsome face a great body and a HUGE, I mean really HUGE cock that is a real gagger and probably causes as much or more pain than pleasure. But I sure would like to try it on for size.

  12. GreGG
    26 Nov 12
    2:44 am

    Could not agree more. Man … to have a boyfriend like that … Then there would be the “pain” thing. Of course everyone on here would have no problem with it. Which is where U insert “reality check” ….. Myself I would take a hot dude anyday ..with 7 inches.

  13. alex
    26 Nov 12
    9:04 am

    Nice! Exellent!

  14. alex
    26 Nov 12
    9:08 am

    More masturbation!

  15. alex
    26 Nov 12
    9:15 am

    I want to see Danny with a qeet normal penis -without erection

  16. sxg
    26 Nov 12
    12:35 pm

    @EdWoody I think Csaba Borley has improved dramatically as a director when he moved to (or launched?) the Diamond Pictures studio. When he was the director for all those Hungarian porn movies from Pacific Sun Entertainment, the sex was painfully terrible to watch! The guys were stunning no doubt, but everything they did with each other was just so blah. The only actors from that era that really stood out to me in those films were Fred Goldsmith and Janos Volt.

  17. Oat
    28 Nov 12
    5:49 am


  18. Rrrrrrawr
    28 Dec 13
    8:03 pm

    There should be a shot of his ass.

  19. Rrrrrrawr
    28 Dec 13
    8:04 pm

    I mean his asshole